Robot vacuum cleaner turned mouse catcher: – Mouse brushed

Robot vacuum cleaner turned mouse catcher: – Mouse brushed

In the absence of senior mouse catcher Phayton (13), robot vacuum cleaner Ludmilla (2) cleaned the table.

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– The rat has been brushed off, cat owner Julian Stockbeck Torp (57) tells VG with a laugh on Wednesday evening.

The robot vacuum cleaner Ludmilla usually runs on its regular route at 11 a.m., but a renovation project gave the tarp vacuum cleaner a four-day break.

On Tuesday evening, a mysterious smell suddenly came from the room in the small farm house in Trøgstad, Indre Østfold.

– “What kind of smell is that?”, I thought. “I turned Ludmilla upside down and saw that she had some hair,” Dorp says.

Check out the video of the mouse play:

A generous mouse catcher

Her theory is as follows:

– The mouse may have been found dead on the rug given to Gunner by Python. But Kunnar did not come home. Thus, he guesses that the mouse has gone the way of Ludmilla.

Gamelebus Python (13) regularly catches mice and feeds them to a young cat named Gunnar (2), according to the owner.

– Python is very kind. He catches the mice and takes them to his little brother. But little brother Gunnar was unlikely to be inside. Then Payton puts the mouse down on the living room carpet, which has the same color as the mouse: gray, Tarp explains.

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– When the robot vacuum cleaner Ludmilla was rolling, she probably did not see the mouse, picked it up and brushed it under the brush. Sitting there, Tarp laughs.

– Death is certain

Little Benefactor’s first thought was that it might be a stuffed cat toy.

– I saw something gray there. But when I took off the top cover of the brush I saw the muzzle and whiskers …

A flat-brushed mouse lay deep within Ludmilla.

– The mouse had a brush, then! But Dorp believes it may have died before it was dragged to Ludmilla.

– How is the relationship between cats and Ludmilla?

– It’s very relaxing. They don’t move when Ludmilla drives, then Ludmilla drives around them.

– Now where is the mouse?

– It ended up in the trash and carried over to the can.

The price of a cat flap

There are enough rats in the area to get rid of, Tarp assures. The small farm where she and her husband live is located in the countryside on the edge of the forest.

– But we see that cats only attract mice, she assures.

Suddenly Tarp comes up with something:

– Gunnar finally arrived an hour ago with a new mouse. Hooray for hatching a cat, he jokes.

– He is completely hopeless. If you throw him and the mouse out, he walks around the house and respawns with the same mouse.

From mouse play to mole removal

Throughout the evening, Tarp would finish smiling and come to the hooks.

– My sister wanted to give tips to VG. After having a mole removed today I have a big blemish on my face. But it’s going well, she assures.

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– What does your husband say to mouse play?

– He laughs. It’s a funny story, Dorp laughs.

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