June 5, 2023


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Røkke and Telenor founded a new company in the field of cybersecurity

Røkke and Telenor founded a new company in the field of cybersecurity

Telenor, Cognite, and Aker are establishing cybersecurity company Omny, according to a stock exchange announcement Monday.

The company will fill a void in the cybersecurity market where there is a huge unmet need for software that prevents cyber attacks and secures corporate operations, it is said.

The goal is to build a Norwegian software company that will be a global player in the field of operational industrial security.

Omny will develop software that will help secure industrial operators and critical infrastructure, such as oil and gas producers, energy suppliers, public sector players, and hospitals.

The company will launch a commercial product on the Norwegian market in 2023 via the Telenor sales organization. The goal is to launch the product internationally in 2024, reportedly.

Sigve Brekke and Øyvind Eriksen joined the company’s board of directors, and the process of appointing a CEO began.

Telenor will own 50 percent, Aker 44.2 percent, and Cognite 5.8 percent of the company. The transaction is expected to be approved during the second quarter of 2022.

Omny will be launched with 15 employees, but a major expansion is planned in the company’s first year of existence, it was reported.

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