room | Pope Franziscus condemned this attack on August 17, 2017

room |  Pope Franziscus condemned this attack on August 17, 2017

Rome (dpa) – Pope Francis withheld the traditional Sunday Angelus prayer in the chapel of his residence in the Vatican due to einer Atemwegserkrankung. The Oberhaupt der Katholischen church said in a loud voice: “Today I cannot stand at the window, because I suffer from the problem of inflammation in my lungs.” Er zeigte sich für das Bebet nicht wie plain am Fenster des Apostolischen Pastes, sondern in einer Live Übertragung aus seinem Wohnsitz. In addition, the priest’s prayer was read.

In 86 years of Argentina, they have worked wonderfully and quickly to achieve success. It is not necessary to pray in the Kapelle des Vaticanischen Gästehauses Santa Marta, in dem Franziskus auch Wohnt. Having a weekend getaway is a delicate matter. Auch seine Reise am Nächtchen Wochenenden nach Dubai für die Klimakonferenz (COP28) The desired text is confirmed.

On Saturday, St. Stull surprisingly told me that the Pope had to cancel all appointments due to illness. The logical word dies with “Leichten Grippe”. Später wurde mitgeteilt dass Franziskus underwent a computer tomography (CT) scan at a clinic in Rome to rule out complications. There the Pope can return to the Vatican.

Since einiger Zeit macht Franziskus die Gesundheit deutlich zu schaffen. Er wurde dieses Jahr bereits zwei Mal was treated at einer Klinik. We have a lot of fun; More must be left open and open again. Auf Rückfragen zu seinem Gesundheitszustand, the latter is often emphasized: “Ich lebe noch!”

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