Rooney and Vardy meet in court – VG

Rooney and Vardy meet in court - VG
SPLID: Rooney and Vardy go to court after a spat on social media.

They used to be in their husbands’ shadow, but now football wives Colin Rooney and Rebecca Vardy have taken over the limelight.


The wives of his former England teammates Wayne Rooney (currently the derby manager) and Jamie Vardy (still a Leicester player) are facing each other in court. It started with a Twitter message, and now the English court will rule on the alleged fraud and false news stories.

‘WAGs’ is a term commonly used in the British press and is an acronym for ‘wives and girlfriends’, meaning wives and girlfriends, for athletes. In England, the trial is currently cleverly referred to as “Wagatha Christi”.

The trial is getting a lot of attention in England, and it all started when 2019’s Colin Rooney accused Rebecca Vardy of He sold information about her to The Sun.

Three years ago, at the European Football Championship 2016, the pairs were together in the England squad. At the time, Ms. Rooney and Ms. Vardy were friends and the so-called “Wags” were in the national team.

But the relationship between the two soon soured.

Coleen Rooney wrote that she shut down her “Instagram Stories” to all of her followers except Vardy because she was suspicious. However, false stories appeared in The Sun.

“This has been a strain on my life for a few years now and I will finally get to the bottom of it,” Coleen Rooney wrote.

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Ronnie says she, among other things, spread incorrect information that there should have been a flood in their basement.

Rebecca Vardy has responded forcefully to the accusations. She confirmed this in court this week and denied that she had given information to newspapers.

In 2019, she wrote the following in response when Colin Rooney went public against Vardy:

– Like I just said on the phone, I was hoping you’d call me if you thought so. I have never spoken to anyone about you, as journalists who have asked me over the years can confirm this.

It certainly didn’t stop there. The allegations led to Vardy eventually choosing to sue Rooney for defamation. They are now in the middle of a seven-day trial.

Along with her manager, Caroline Watt, Vardy is accused of a number of points in court:

Among other things, she allegedly leaked information about Colin Rooney’s car accident in January 2019. The court heard how she told Watt how she could use her Instagram account to follow Colin’s profile.

According to Rooney’s defence, Vardy must have orchestrated a static photo with other women footballers during the World Cup in 2018, in order to “grab attention”.

Exit: Rebecca Vardy is on her way off the field in England this week.
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