Russia: – donated $50

Russia: – donated

Ksenia Karelina (33 years old) lives in Los Angeles and has dual citizenship: USA and Russia.

She was due to appear in court in Russia on Thursday, after being arrested by Russian security forces (FSB) in January, during a home visit to the city of Yekaterinburg.

The Russian authorities believe that Karlina is guilty of treason, after she donated about $50 to a non-profit organization that helps Ukraine during the aggressive war waged by Russia in contravention of international law.

They believe the 33-year-old sent money directly to the Ukrainian billionaire and is threatening a long prison sentence. He writes, among other things CNN.

Ukraine: Ukrainian defense claims to have destroyed more than seven thousand Russian tanks since the start of Russia's all-out invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. Reporter: Edward Steinlund. Video: Ukrainian 68th “Jaeger” Brigade / X.
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Karelina fled her homeland for the United States about ten years ago, where she worked, among other things, at a spa in Beverly Hills and at a ballet theater in Baltimore.

In a video from the courtroom, where the 33-year-old sits in a “guard cage”, she can be seen smiling sweetly and shaking her head. The media was allowed to take photos and videos of her, but they had to leave before the court was appointed.

Neither Karelina nor her lawyer commented on the accusation.

According to the TV station NBC Los AngelesHer boyfriend is said to have surprised her with tickets to travel to Russia. He says his partner was not worried about going there, despite the tension associated with the war in Ukraine.

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