Russia responds

Russia responds

Johannes Hosflute Klæbo suffered a long-term hamstring injury.

During the national opening in Betostölen eight months ago, the world’s best skier feared the season might be over.

chaos: Johannes Hosflotte Kleibeu caused complete confusion before the start of the season in Betostolen. Video: Lucas/Harstad. Photo: Langsem
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Sure enough, he went on to win the National Open just over a day later, and had 20 World Cup victories, a Tour de Ski win, World Cup overall and five WC medals (three golds and two silvers) during the season.

Five a day: Johannes Hosflute Klæbo holds three gold medals and two silver medals from Planica. Photo: Heiko Junge/NTB
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During a press conference in Trondheim last week, Klæbo himself laughed at the statement, but also noted that the injury is still serious, even if the team managed to keep the pain under control throughout the season.

This prompts Russia to respond.

All that moves around the Norwegian golden calf is news across the border in the east. In the middle between Championat’s commentary and news article, there is speculation as to whether Klæbo’s injury notice was a fabrication:

– Klæbo complains again about an old injury. Is it a new trick? I wonder championship themselves.


Future reports are bleak, but Klæbo showed last winter that he is the best skier in winter. The question is whether this is for real now, or if Klæbo is just playing it again and exaggerating the situation.

Cross-country skier Johannes Kleibeu decided to leave the national team next season, and now he is ready to go his own way. Photo: NTB. Video: Dagbladet.
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Dagbladet met ‘Team Klæbo’ at his home in Trondheim last week. They can confirm that the injury is still bothering the 26-year-old, and that they must find alternative training methods:

– Grandfather and coach Kåre Høsflot assures Dagbladet that first and foremost running is included in daily training.


– We have to compensate with some alternative exercises. The problem is that we don’t know if the damage can be healed. Storage is hard to master, the pro continues.

American physiotherapist Megan Stowe is primarily responsible for the injury. Klæbo pays her personally. By May at the latest, he was over and receiving treatment.

– I can’t take any long trips on my feet yet. The injury is getting better, Klæbo explained, but I know it will take some time.

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