June 2, 2023


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Russians caught by drone in a pink Minion car

Russians caught by drone in a pink Minion car

GRU is the most evil villain in the animated movie Minions. But the GRU is also the name of Russia’s most feared intelligence service.

On Thursday, TV 2 could reveal that a Russian with a drone captured in Norway was driving a pink car with the character of Minions on the hood.

Minions are small, yellow creatures that have been the main roles in a number of popular animated films. Their evil, paranoid boss is called GRU. He does everything to become the best villain in the world.

In our big neighboring country to the east, GRU is not a fantasy cartoon villain. It is the name of the most feared Russian military intelligence service. random?

will send a signal

Russian citizens are not allowed to fly drones in Norway. That’s why there have been a number of arrests across the country in recent weeks. Four people remain in detention.

The Police Security Service (PST) will not comment on whether there is any connection between the GRU and the pink car, but in general they say the following about Russians who have drones in Norway:

– One of the motives may be that you really want to scan the infrastructure, that is, collect information in the form of espionage. The second reason could be that a government agency wants to send a signal that it is present, and they are following through. We call this a reference, PST assistant director Hedvig Moe says.

Multiple motives: PST Assistant President Hedvig Moe believes that Russia may have multiple motives for flying drones over Norway. Photo: Truls Aagedal/TV 2

Four in custody

The PST has national responsibility for investigating the Russians filmed using a drone. Four people are now in detention and the first cases are expected to go to court in November.

– What is the purpose of the signal?

– There may be an attempt to create a reaction from the Norwegian authorities. And if you want to provoke a reaction, in some cases you want it to be an overreaction. Then we are concerned that the Norwegian side has to be sober in the way we approach it, says Hedvig Moe.

– Does this mean that the Russians are joking and playing with Norway?

– I cannot now conclude what the intent is behind and whether there is a correlation between all these drone cases. But overall, we definitely think some of these signaling events are going to be to confuse and create a reaction, she says.

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