Russians took drone selfies in western Norway – charged with flying a drone in western Norway – NRK Vestland

Skjermdump fra Instagram. Russer tiltalt for å ha flydd med droner.

On Tuesday 11 October, a Russian man in his fifties was arrested after being stopped at a checkpoint on his way out of Norway in Storskog. In the luggage, the police found two drones and a number of storage devices.

* The man admitted to having been flying a drone in Norway and explained himself that he had been on a cruise in Norway since August. The man was carrying two Russian and one Israeli passports at the time of his arrest.

* The man was imprisoned on Friday for two weeks. He appealed the ruling, and a response is expected on Monday. The vast amount of material the police must review was cited as a reason for imprisonment.

* On the morning of Friday 14 October, another 51-year-old Russian man was arrested by a drone at Tromsø Airport.

* He was seen by a drone taking pictures of the airport. It was an employee at the airport who reported it to the police.

* Police seized a large amount of photographic equipment, including a drone and a number of memory cards. In the materials, the police found, among other things, a video of the airport in Kirkenes and photos of a Bell helicopter of the Norwegian Armed Forces.

* The man explained that he crossed the border in Storskog on Thursday, and that he was on his way to Svalbard. He admitted that he flew a drone in Norway.

* He was held in pretrial detention on Saturday for two weeks. The prison order has been appealed.

* On Monday, October 17, it was known that four more Russians were arrested and detained. Four, three men and a woman, crossed the border through Finland by car. They made it clear that they are tourists visiting Norway.

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*Observed while photographing something subject to a photography ban somewhere in Nordland. No drones were found, only regular photo cameras.

* The police seized a quantity of photographic equipment and many photographic materials. They were held for seven days. It is not known if they are appealing the rulings.

Source: NTB

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