Ruud sympathizes with his banned Swedish rival: – You feel a little cornered

Ruud sympathizes with his banned Swedish rival: – You feel a little cornered
Scandinavian DUO: Norway’s Kasper Rudd (TV) and Sweden’s Mikael Ymir are good friends off the field, and rivals on the field.

Swede Mikael Ymir, 24, has been banned from tennis for 18 months for violating anti-doping rules. Friend and rival Casper Rudd (24) sympathizes with the Swede and admits he was warned.


At a digital press conference from Sweden, specifically Båstad, the 24-year-old from Snarøya spoke to the Norwegian press on Tuesday.

There he was asked about the ban of little brother Ymir for violating it reporting dutyreporting dutyAthletes must limit a period of one hour each day during which they must be available for doping testing. Both time and place must be mentioned.. It may be difficult to comply with the duty that he acknowledges.

– Yes, to be honest I think it can sometimes be difficult to comply with the reporting obligation, Rod concedes when asked by VG, and explains:

– You should always keep in mind that you should be in one place for an hour every day. Therefore, it can be difficult to do spontaneous things such as meeting friends or inventing other spontaneous things.

  • You can watch Casper Rudd at the ATP 250 Nordea Open In G+ Sport.

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Tennis star Mikael Ymir has been banned from professional tennis for 18 months for violating anti-doping rules.

Rudd says he has been warned because of the duty to report.

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I’ve had warnings in the past and I know how hard that can be sometimes. But you just have to accept that you are responsible.

The Swedish Tennis File reported the news on its own Twitter account Tuesday morning.

– Yesterday I received a message that CAS banned me from professional tennis for 18 months, although I have not used or been accused of using illegal means, he wrote.

Ymer himself believes the ban is unfair and makes it clear that he has never used or suspected of using an illegal substance.

Where he is in Sweden: Kasper Rudd has had a bit of a sore shoulder, but he’s in Sweden training ahead of the Nordea Open.

– The consequences will be big and in this case they will be very big if you break the rules. I can feel that “Uh, it’s a little hard” sometimes. There’s a lot to research, and you have to sign up every quarter, so three months in advance four times a year, Rudd explains.

– You can always go in and eventually make changes, but it’s not always easy to remember and sometimes human errors happen too.

In order to avoid having to cancel plans, dinner invitations and other things, he usually fulfills the obligation to report as soon as he gets up.

– Then you also need to pee and see where you are, so it suits me better. If you have an obligation to report later in the day, it can mess it up a little more, and then have to say no if you’re invited to dinner or other things, says Rudd.

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– and then you feel a little cornered and supervised, so to speak.

Rod previously said that he has a good relationship with Mikael’s older brother, Elias Ymir.

When asked by VG, he said that the relationship with the now-blocked little brother isn’t that bad either:

– Mikael and I are also good friends. We are all three good friends. I think it’s a shame for him as a friend and someone I know personally. 18 months without an income and not being able to play is hard and obviously hard on him.


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