Jonas Vingaard Tour de France

Jonas Vingaard Tour de France

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In reality There are only nice things to say about Danish super cyclist Jonas Vinggaard before he scored another impressive victory in one of sport’s biggest international competitions.

His stamina and strength, which he has shown in the Spanish and French mountains in recent weeks, surpasses most of what has been achieved in endurance sports:

  • If only what we saw was true.

In isolation, this necessary addition has nothing to do with Vingegaard’s qualities both on and off the competition. The winner of the round shows only the healthy positions.

This reflects the constant suspicion of “extraterrestrial achievements » On the bike seat exclusively the sport itself.

This is unfortunately also due to the questionable Danish sports culture.

the He is, after all, a closely related Dane Celebration continues On his old champions of doping cycling and the cloud of mistrust that increasingly hangs over all the international press conferences on this Tour:

Witch hunt against VingegaardAnd mentioned Danish BT that day.

An Avisa commentator thought it was “Honestly embarrassingAt these press conferences. Especially when it comes to questions from British and French journalists:

There is a jealousy or aversion to Vingegaard. There is no indication that he did anything wrong other than being brutally and violently goodAnd He writes BT man.

What is, however no The printer is the cause of these aliens’ suspicion Until now New Danish superbike.

It’s stingy considering BT is among the Danish media that thinks it’s OK to use the sport’s old hustlers to comment on Jonas Vingegaard’s victories.

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I won’t drink it

to While BT sticks with famous cycling names like Bjarne Riis and Lance Armstrong as their pick of experts, the major French and British sports media have a very different line of journalism to explain what happens in one of the sport’s most high-profile doping competitions:

It doesn’t help that the history of the last round, from Lance to Landis, from Wiggins to Froome, comes with a background noise of doubt and skepticism.And He writes The Guardian commented, explaining why so many people doubted Vingegaard’s explanation for the success.

But something dramatically different in addition to this well-known scam story:

This is an inevitable tire, regardless of all the talk of a new generation of bikesAnd continuous The Guardian before they get to the point of what the Danes call “Witch hunting»:

However, parts of Vingegaard’s suspicions are not based on the results, but on his and Denmark’s undeniable silence.R.

live amazed

live amazed

the Being another Danish cycling champion comes with a heavy price. thanks for the Bjarne ReeseAnd Michael Rasmussen And the long line of red and white swindlers.

This sad national tradition backfires on today’s best cyclist by far. But he also suffers from the Danes’ failure to come to terms with their doping villains.

Thus, in this context, theUndeniably Danish».

The fact that many national media have helped Danes get on bikes has not isolated abusers and abusers.

- He was angry

– He was angry

this However, the necessary compromise with fraud is a normal part of British and French cycling culture. Partly in the environment of the competition itself, but more clearly in the media covering the sport.

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Now Jonas Vingegaard hits. After last week’s show on the Rhythm scene, it was too much for famous French sports avia L’Equipe to announce that this Dane was apparently ‘from another planet»:

His performance also ignited another fire. That is out of doubt. That mundane cycling paranoia that follows any exceptional performanceAnd He writes L’Equipe, explaining:

This raises timely questions that are rooted in the ashes of the past. Answering such questions is the responsibility of each individual wearing the yellow jersey.

Hence no witch hunt.

Just Jonas Vingaard himself realized this long before he would today complete the Honors course in Paris as one of the The best Tour de France winners:

To be honest, I completely understand that people are skeptical. We should also be skeptical because of what happened. Otherwise it will happen againAnd answered Overcome all mistrust. added:

I will not take anything that I cannot give to my daughter.

It’s not Vingegaard with a clean cycling resume and some Very fast stages Which is the problem here. In contrast, the sport that, without sufficient discussion, allows the former Condemnation of the European Patent Office He is his boss at Jumbo-Visma.

Which was encouraged by Danish journalists and a part of the Danish public that does not yet understand why the outside world doubts their sports heroes.

Rotten from Denmark

Rotten from Denmark

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