Martin Lundy: – I don’t know where it came from

Martin Lundy: – I don’t know where it came from

At the same time that summer vacation is approaching — and perhaps ending for some — influencers Martine Lundy, 27, and boyfriend Alexander Satterstoll, 27, haven’t had much holiday cheer yet.

According to Lunde himself, the couple was bad at planning this summer, which resulted in a lot of work around each other, and little time as lovers.

Engagement problem: - You must wait

Engagement problem: – You must wait

One would have thought that the couple now have plenty of time to be together, as Se og Hør reveals in May that they have become cohabitants, after six years as lovers.

However, it must be more complicated than that.

They don’t get along

When Se og Hør caught up with Lunde on the pink carpet before the premiere of “Barbie” earlier this week, she could tell, though, that it wasn’t quite right.

This is what Martin Lund says about her relationship with her boyfriend, Alexander Satterstoll. Correspondent: Catherine Pilkey. Video: Nora Skafog
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We didn’t actually move in together. I don’t know where it came from, I read it myself in Se og Hør, Lunde says and laughs.

However, the information is specifically sourced from her boyfriend, Alexander Satterstall, who in May answered the following when asked if the two had become cohabitants:

– Yes. I kind of moved to Oslo, but we have an apartment there and an apartment here in Bergen. He said at the time that she is the one who decides.

About the rumors: - It will be permanently waived

About the rumors: – It will be permanently waived

Although they are not officially cohabiting, Lund sees what her boyfriend was up to.

– He’s only in Oslo, so I feel like we live together, but he still has his apartment in Bergen. But yeah, I found out I have a roommate in Se og Hør, she says and bursts into laughter, before continuing:

– That was nice. But we live together, so to speak, so yes.

We asked Martine Lund about her future plans. Video: Nora Skafog.
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Miss admitted

It may also appear that Lunde confronted Sæterstøl when Se og Hør’s article was published in May. Because when we spoke with him in June, he admitted he was a little quick on the trigger.

– But I’m in Oslo almost all the time, I have nothing to do at home in Bergen. Then I’d rather be with Martin, he said.

Röper's gift is strange

Röper’s gift is strange

Sæterstøl could also reveal that selling an apartment or two was likely on the cards in the near future.

I feel the need to sell my apartment at one point or another. But I want to own something, and somehow I don’t want to buy her apartment either, which has gone up a lot. Then he said it was better to sell them together and buy something new together.

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