Same name as Filippa charge: – receives ugly messages: “he will die”

Same name as Filippa charge: – receives ugly messages: “he will die”

– Obviously when you see pictures of yourself shared with comments like “he’s going to die,” you become very insecure, says the man in Danish TV 2.

On Saturday evening, a massive search began for 13-year-old Philippa in Denmark, and on Sunday afternoon she was found alive. A 32-year-old man was arrested on charges of rape and deprivation of liberty.

He has pleaded guilty in part.

– hardly his first assault

Messages are flagged

Despite the fact that the court in Denmark prohibited naming the accused, his name went viral on social media.

Shortly after his arrest on Sunday, messages began pouring in on the 29-year-old’s social media, he told TV2.

The identity of the 29-year-old is being concealed, so that the identity of the 32-year-old accused will not be revealed.

A 32-year-old man is accused of kidnapping 13-year-old Philippa. It emerged in court that the police believed the man had taken the girl to two different addresses after she disappeared on Saturday morning. Katja Megborn, crime reporter for Danish newspaper BT, reports on the latest news.
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The namesake first discovered a thread on the website Reddit, where his name, occupation, place of residence, and family connections were shared.

Throughout the day, comments also appeared on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

– People wrote things like “He’ll just die”, “Damn the devil”, “Look I found him” etc., says the man.

The accused's family and friends are in shock

The accused’s family and friends are in shock


The comments made him feel insecure and worried about his wife and two children, and made him think for a while whether the children should go to school, and whether he himself should go to work on Mondays.

– I am not very worried about myself, because those who think that I am the detainee think that I am in prison. He tells the channel, “I am more worried about my wife and children.”

The law professor left earlier this week with a warning in Danish BT In connection with the Philippa case the name ban was dropped.

– There is a kind of wild western vibe on social media, and my impression is that there are no rules applied. But this is wrong. The same rules apply here as elsewhere, said Sten Schaumburg-Müller of the University of Southern Denmark (SDU).

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