Mady (20 years old) died: – She screamed in pain

Mady (20 years old) died: – She screamed in pain

During a rugby match in March 2022, Briton Maddy Lawrence was seriously injured after a tackle.

The 20-year-old suffered a dislocation of his hip joint, which is called a hip dislocation. according to Norwegian health informatics This is a serious injury that requires immediate treatment.

She was taken to Southmead Hospital in Bristol, but according to her parents, was in good spirits.

The hospital contributed to the death

In a recent interview with the British Sky NewsThe family now tells of a hospital stay that turned into a nightmare.

-You put your trust in the experts. We didn't make a fuss because we were sure they knew what they were doing. But if we had talked, she would still be alive, says Maddie's mother, Karen Lawrence.

Provided food parcel – accused of negligence

The investigation into Madi's death concluded that the hospital contributed to the 20-year-old's death, after a “severe failure of treatment” and “failure of care,” the news channel wrote.

It was not discovered that Maddie had sepsis (blood poisoning). She died in hospital of multiple organ failure two weeks after the intervention on the rugby field.

– I screamed in pain

Sepsis is a serious infection that can cause the body's organs to fail. She says the condition can be life-threatening if not detected and treated in time health care.

– Maddie was not heard even though she screamed in pain. She was considered a “difficult patient.” The mother says: She must have been in a lot of pain.

New update: - Chance

New update: – Chance

In patients with septic shock or possible sepsis, antibiotic treatment is started as soon as possible and within one hour. In patients with possible sepsis, but without shock, up to three hours can be spent examining before potentially starting antibiotics, she says. Norwegian Drug Guide.

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Sky News wrote that it took a full 16 hours before doctors discovered Maddie's poisoning.

Confession and apology

Tim Whittlestone, chief medical officer at North Bristol NHS Trust, claimed health workers had a chance to save Maddie:

“As a parent, I cannot imagine anything worse than missed opportunities that could have saved Maddie,” he said in a statement reported by Sky News.

He continued:

“Despite Maddie's rare condition“For the heroic efforts made by our team, we acknowledge and apologize for this lapse in care.”

Missing for three years: asking Biden for help

Missing for three years: asking Biden for help

The 20-year-old's parents are now excited about new legislation that will be introduced in April. «Maratha rule» States that relatives have the right to request a new evaluation, if they are concerned about the patient's condition or believe that adequate care is not being provided.

Other doctors and nurses will then be brought in to carry out the assessment – ​​where they will be seen with new eyes.

– He did not die in vain

The law is named after 13-year-old Martha Mills, who, like Maddie, contracted sepsis in hospital. She died in 2021, as a result of the infection not being detected in time.

Victoria Atkins, NHS Health Secretary, said: “The introduction of the ‘Martha Rule’ will put families at the heart of patient care and they will have an important role in caring for their loved ones.”

Complete silence after that

Complete silence after that

NHS chief Amanda Pritchard believes the law “will save many lives in the future”.

The parents of 13-year-old Martha Mills have stood in violation of the new law, and say according to Sky News that their daughter's death could have been avoided, but with Martha's rule, it means she did not die in vain.

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Maddy Lawrence's friend, Imogen Silitoy, created the crown roll Collection site GoFundMe following the 20-year-old's sudden death, where she wrote:

“Maddie was loved by everyone. She had the biggest personality and would do anything for anyone. She was a joy to be around.”

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