Cheaters revealed: – Call the police!

Cheaters revealed: - Call the police!

Insults and accusations erupted during a fishing tournament in the United States on Friday. Two contestants were revealed during the weighing process.

One official thought something was fishy, ​​as the catch seemed to weigh an astonishing amount for its size. The stomach contents of the catch turned out to be lead weights and fillets from other fish.

In the end, it was the cheaters themselves who ended up in the network.

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– step away! Call the police! This is a robbery, you should be in jail! Two fishermen were heard screaming in a video from the event.

Instead of emerging victorious from the competition, the contestants had to go home empty-handed.

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– Steals from everyone!

The question of how many times Hunters cheated was also brought up in the War of Words. There are no two unknowns in American hunting competitions.

– You’ve been doing this for years, you damn cheaters! You won a boat! I won thousands of dollars! I stole from everyone!, he shouted in a clip from Friday’s contest.

The consolation may be that there are more fish in the sea.

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