Samsung confirms Apple’s secret product plan

Samsung confirms Apple’s secret product plan

Remember the rumors about Apple working on a laptop that was nothing but a screen, that is, without a physical keyboard?

Samsung knows what they’re talking about

Well, now the matter has taken an interesting turn: Samsung, which provides panels for the iPhone (the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max may be difficult to get right after launch), says that Apple is still developing such a product, perhaps in a 20-inch.

It is not less thanPresentation of the general managerBaek Seung-in, who revealed that Apple is still working on folding slabs, but is struggling to produce slabs of high quality enough to last long enough.

It’s the famous Marc Gurman who revealed that Apple is actively developing a MacBook Pro with touch functionality and that the launch will “actually” happen in 2025. However, this is something the company is discussing internally – the product could, as always, be delayed or cancelled.

ITavisen, 12 Jan 2023

LG Display suffers with the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max due to the smaller bezels

Again, Apple is collaborating with both Samsung Display and LG Display (as mentioned, they both provide panels for the iPhone, among other things), to build foldable products, and the company has filed for patents for this display technology. It’s been six years since Apple first patented something like this, but industry insiders still don’t know when Apple will be ready to release a foldable iPhone, iPad, or Mac. We don’t know, but we have a feeling there are many more years to come.

The patent office approved the application yesterday, which states that the existing metal frame that holds the Apple Watch and MacBook together could be replaced with a primarily glass material, though the patent also mentions ceramics, carbon fiber, plastic, and “other materials.”

ITavisen, 2 February 2022

Apple worked with the touchscreen MacBook when the iPhone was being developed

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