The new soldier moved: – Weakened by alcohol

The new soldier moved: – Weakened by alcohol

This week, Ukraine launched new attacks against Russian forces in Crimea. Russian tourists fled the scene in droves. At the same time, it was reported that Putin was taking further steps to increase military forces.

The conscription age for Russian men is currently 18 to 27, and was expected to change to between 21 and 30.

But the state news agency TASS reported on Friday that the minimum age will remain at 18, while the upper limit will be raised to 30.

- It will be a formidable force

– It will be a formidable force

Excessive alcohol and smoking

The State Duma, Russia’s national assembly, has yet to adopt any changes, but Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu already announced last year that an increase in the draft age to 30 could come.

The change will give a sharp increase in access to Russian soldiers. However, Lt. Gen. Arne Burd-Dalhough is clear that change will not necessarily be a strong point.

– The weakness is that you will bring in more people who are not physically fit for military service. Young Russians in their 20s are in better shape than those in their 30s, particularly because Russia’s male population is rapidly declining in health due to excessive alcohol consumption and smoking. They will bring in less fit soldiers, Dalhough says, but they will be able to plug holes in the trenches.

He has supported Vladimir Putin for a long time, but now the well-known ultra-nationalist and war blogger Igor Girkin has been arrested. Video: NTB, AP. Correspondent: Håvard TL Knutsen.
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Uncertainty about packing

It is not known exactly how many Russians are currently participating in the war against Ukraine. Earlier this week, there were reports that 100,000 Russian soldiers and 900 tanks had been mobilized in the northeastern parts of Ukraine.

Dalhough says he considers this discredited, because the regions have not been Putin’s focus in the past. This number has not been confirmed by independent sources.

It is no secret that partisan activity takes place both in Russia and in Ukraine. According to a Norwegian expert, it is difficult to say how widespread it is, but revolutionaries have a significant impact. Video: Telegram, ISW, Dagbladet. Correspondent: Håvard TL Knutsen.
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But last fall, it was announced in Putin’s decree that 120,000 Russians would be called up to serve in the Russian Armed Forces during the fall.

And the news agency stated that the summons applied to combat-ready Russians between the ages of 18 and 27 at the time, who had to report for military service in November or December. RIA Novosti.

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