Sandra Laing: He tested positive for Corona

Sandra Laing: He tested positive for Corona

Artist and author Sandra Laing (34) She tested positive for the coronavirus. She reported it herself on her Instagram story post:

“I got a positive answer in the coronation test. So now I’m sitting in my garden, because as far as I can only move.”

He tested positive for Corona

The 34-year-old says she’s a bit odd in shape, but stresses that she’s taking all precautions.

Single: Sandra Laing herself experienced loneliness at Christmas. This is why she has created a tradition of helping others who feel the same way. Reporter: Malini Björnstad. Video: Ingebjørg Iversen / KK
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Get into the hospital

In August, the artist was also off the photo-sharing service to inform followers of his health at the time. Then I can only say that She was taken to the hospital.

Hello, I’m in the hospital. I had a migraine on Tuesday and it hasn’t subsided yet. It’s intense and intense and I’ve been hospitalized for help.

She said this in an Instagram video from her hospital bed.

In the post, she also wrote that she had not eaten in two days.


In a text message to Dagbladet, Lyng’s director, Marte Schei, wrote that the artist wanted some calm and a good night’s sleep. Schei had the following update to come next:

Out-of-the-ordinary ideas: Sandra Laing went to a psychiatrist for 21 years to address the dramatic and challenging events, and was also misdiagnosed for 12 years. But this spring, she herself has been able to overturn challenging ideas with new mental techniques. Photo: Lars Evind Pons/Dagbladet
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– Sandra suffers from severe migraine attacks for several days, as a result of which she does not receive adequate nutrition. She is now in the hospital and receiving help with rehydration, among other things.

A short week later, the message arrived that Ling was fine and back home from the hospital.

Through her manager, she wrote the following in a short message to Dagbladet:

– I’m much better. Some quiet days now, and then I hope to be back in full.

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