Sarah Sharif (10) – Murder: Father, stepmother and uncle arrested

Sarah Sharif (10) – Murder: Father, stepmother and uncle arrested

– Two men, aged 41 and 28, and a 29-year-old woman were arrested on suspicion of murder after getting off a flight from Dubai, Superintendent Mark Chapman said in a statement to Sky News.

Police said the three, who have been on the run for more than a month, have been imprisoned and will be interrogated.

Their flight landed at London’s Gatwick Airport just after 7:30pm local time. They then had to fly from Pakistan via Dubai.

Another passenger on the plane told the TV channel that the three were arrested without incident immediately after the plane landed. They were then removed from the plane before the other passengers were allowed to leave.

The Murder of Sarah (10): – Record!

Call from Pakistan

Sarah Sharif (10) was found dead in her home in Woking, England on August 10 after a man claiming to be her father called the emergency number in England from Pakistan.

A short time later, the father, stepmother and uncle were wanted for murder.

Sarah’s autopsy showed that she died as a result of severe injuries, which likely occurred over time. She must also have been known to protect the child before she was found murdered.

Sarah’s mother was constantly informed.

Sarah’s mother has been informed of the latest developments and is receiving support from police specialists. Our thoughts go to her and her other relatives following Sarah’s death at this extremely difficult time,” says Police Superintendent Chapman. Watchman.

Broadcasting a murder over the answering machine

Broadcasting a murder over the answering machine

Several siblings

He says police will not provide any further updates at this time.

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“It has been an extremely fast, difficult and complex investigation, and we remain fully committed to a comprehensive and ongoing investigation into Sarah’s death,” says Chapman.

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Sarah also has five siblings, aged between one and 13, who also traveled with the three adults to Pakistan. They were found on Monday this week at the grandfather’s house, who told the BBC they had been with him since August 10.

They are now in a child protection institution in Pakistan BBC.

Post the video

Police believe the three who were arrested traveled to Pakistan on August 9, the day before Sarah was found. They were wanted, and the Pakistani police have been searching for them ever since.

Sarah’s father and stepmother posted a video clip last week in which they said they hid in Pakistan for fear that the police there would “torture or kill” them. They also claimed that they were willing to cooperate with the British police.

Sarah’s grandfather, Mohammed Sharif (68), lives in Pakistan. At the end of August, he went out to pray for his son, who was on the run at the time.

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The 68-year-old said that he and his family were disturbed by the raids by local police who were searching for their son.

– The grandfather said: We just want the matter to be resolved.

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