June 8, 2023


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Say no to Sweden and Finland

Say no to Sweden and Finland

This was decided after Radet held a central board meeting on Wednesday afternoon.

employment Facebook Party leader Bjornar Moxness points out, among other things, that “reliance on great power does no good to peace and security,” which is why Rodette wanted to vote. against Membership certification.

“We believe that it will not benefit peace and security in the Nordic region that two new Nordic countries are covered by the nuclear umbrella of NATO and dependence on the great powers,” Moxness wrote.

The countries of the North have an interest in lowering tensions in the Far North, but US bases and the increasing militarization of NATO near the Russian border area are increasing tensions and bringing us closer to great power competition between the United States and Russia, he continues.

say yes

Although NATO centrally says yes to Finnish and Swedish membership, membership must be ratified by all national parliaments.

During a press conference on Monday, Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store (Labour) said the government will present its proposals for approval of Sweden and Finland as NATO member states as soon as possible.

This means that both non-NATO parties SV and Rødt will have the opportunity to vote to keep Sweden and Finland out of the alliance they themselves oppose.

However, SV has made it clear that it will vote yes.

– The SV will respect the Swedish decision regardless, and will vote for Sweden’s membership when it finally comes to Parliament, SV foreign policy spokeswoman Ingrid Veska recently told Dagbladet.

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Regardless of the Reds’ votes, there will be a strong majority in Parliament Storting that will say yes to Sweden and Finland. Moxnes further wrote in the publication that in this regard they have clear expectations from the government:

With Sweden and Finland as members of NATO, it will be more important than ever to uphold the policy of al-Qaeda and secure the North as a nuclear-weapon-free zone. We expect the Norwegian government to provide clear support for Sweden’s reservations about the deployment of nuclear weapons and permanent bases on Swedish soil.


Several members of Rodette’s Central Council responded to the change of party line on the NATO issue. They believe this happened without Democratic coverage in the party.

Central Council members Sein Beurbeek, Mariette Lobo and Joachim Mollersen joined class struggle With criticism of the way the party leader now confronts the party’s policy toward NATO.

They believe that what McNeese reported about NATO is a change in policy adopted by the National Assembly.

A total of 28 red politicians signed an article in the newspaper addressing this controversy.

Bjornar Moksnes said it was not Ruddite’s policy to tell Norway to leave NATO tomorrow, a view that recently received support from the National Party board meeting. Critics say Mokens in this way casts doubt on the party’s true view of NATO.