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On the evening of May 17 there was a terrible accident on Gronwine National Road 13 in Vos Herat.

Police and the Norwegian Public Road Administration confirm that the motorcycle ran over the barrier in front of the tunnel.

The car was blocked by a barrier on the way to the subway due to the recovery, which happened just before 10pm on National Day.

After looking at the accident record, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration is not sure if anything like this has ever happened before.

– I Asmund Mர்ller Johansson of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration says no casualties were reported from the collision with the retaining wall of the closed tunnel during 2011-2021.

Explored the city

No one else was involved in the crash.

Police are investigating in the city, but it is not yet clear what caused the male motorcycle to collide with the barrier.

This is what Iver Helen, police chief in the Vos police district, told the NRK on Wednesday morning.

The Dunsberg tunnel has reopened after the crash.

No error messages: Boom was running automatically and car savage was low.

Photo: Vidar Herre / Avisa Hortland

Automatic loading

Vegtrafiksentralen confirms that the block fell down due to the car being saved inside the tunnel. Such barriers in tunnel openings are standard equipment in most mines.

– Transport operator Jenny Nilsson says that if one car can be saved inside the subway, they go down with the push of a button along with the others.

She sees the barrier being lowered in that system, but she does not see that there is anything wrong with security or warning in the city.

– We have no error messages, says Nilsson.

There have been several incidents of motorists colliding with barriers closing the tunnel.

After a meeting on Wednesday morning, AIBN made their decision The fatal crash on Voss cannot be meticulously observed.

– This is based on a thorough assessment, says Ingville Idrehas, head of the Department of Roads at the Accident Investigation Committee.

Dunsberg Tunnel: The tunnel is four kilometers long and is located in Voss.

Firefighters are calling in from several municipalities

The deceased was 63 years old, a Norwegian citizen, but not a resident of the Western Police District. Relatives were notified, police said, just before 3 p.m.

The fire service has a reputation based on both Vos and Cronwin.

– We have assisted in everything we can to help with first aid and crash protection, leak handling and cleaning, says duty commander John Ow Hoga at 110 West.

Highway 13 was closed in the crash city when police and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration conducted a forensic investigation, but reopened just after 6am on Wednesday.

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