More than a million NRK viewers caught Loreen’s Eurovision win

More than a million NRK viewers caught Loreen’s Eurovision win
More than a million NRK viewers caught Loreen’s Eurovision win
Won: Lorraine brought home the Eurovision win to Sweden on Saturday.

NRK reports that 1.076 million viewers tuned in to their broadcast from Liverpool on Saturday evening. This is slightly less than last year.

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Later both linear and digital vision are included. But most of these — 1.051 million — sat before the hour-long live broadcast.

In other words, the state channel is experiencing a slight decline in viewership compared to last year when 1.23 million people from Italy watched the final. However, the Eurovision Song Contest enjoyed a higher market share of 86 percent this year.

By 2021, more than 1.5 million people had watched the broadcast, and more people were aspiring.

In 2020, no Eurovision Song Contest was held due to the pandemic, but the broadcast in 2019 attracted 1.3 million viewers.

In 2018, the international final attracted 1.4 million viewers.

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Left-wing leaders outraged after Eurovision final: – a scandal

Sveinung Rotevatn (V) describes the mood of rebellion in the hall during the Eurovision final, when Sweden won against the will of the people.

NRK may also come to the conclusion that they are crushing TV 2.

299,000 people have watched “Kulrudan”.

On Monday TV 2 news at 11.30 so far 299,000 people caught the “Kulrutan” award ceremony, which took place on Friday evening in the Kreehallen in Bergen, and it was broadcast two hours later in the evening.

Program Manager: Niklas Barley on stage during Friday’s “Kulruden” performance.

Last year, only 236,000 people took the “Golden Route.” That was halved from the previous year, when 470,000 followed.

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Although we cannot say that the number of visitors has increased, so there is a slight increase this year. Usually “Kulrutan” airs on Saturday, but this year’s events took place the previous day.

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Lorin on the reaction of the Eurovision audience: – Worked a little on the ego

“Cha Cha Cha”! The crowd in Liverpool sang the chorus of the Finnish entry several times, as the Swedish winner…

TV 2 can take solace in the fact that “The Voice” is attracting more people. So far, 565,000 people have caught Friday’s broadcast. This year’s season of the singing competition averaged 768,000 viewers.

It’s a weekend of picking winners in many fields. See all the winners of “Kulruden” here – read about Sweden’s Lorraine’s Eurovision win.

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