June 9, 2023


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Shabana Rahman: - No more show

Shabana Rahman: – No more show

Last week it became known that the comedian, writer and former participant of “Farmen kjendis” Shabana Rahman, 45, was diagnosed with cancer.

She told the heavy news honestly in an exclusive interview with look and hearWhere it was revealed that there is talk of the spread of pancreatic cancer.

– I have no additional diseases now, everything is ready for treatment. But it is very dangerous. Doctors told me that if treatment didn’t work, I wouldn’t survive 2022.

So far, she has received chemotherapy at her home in Norway. However, she has expressed her desire to receive immunotherapy abroad, for which she is now receiving help from a childhood friend.

Patient: While Shabana Rahman was seen duel on TV in “Farmin as a Gindis” this winter, it was an entirely different match that she had to face in private. Now she is opening up about the disease that has gripped her life. Video: Espen Sully / Look and Hear
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Dagbladet was in contact with the communications consultant at Akershus University Hospital, Jean-Eric Vestense, who stated that no surgery was performed for this cancer in Ahos.

collect money

There was support for Rahman from all sides. Now a fundraising campaign has been created via spleenEntitled “Support Shabana’s Battle Against Cancer!”. It aims to raise funds for cancer treatment abroad.

At the time of writing, it has reached just over 520,000 crowns.

I just feel grateful in the bottom of my heart for all the love that flows from all over the country. Yes, from the outside too, she says in a comment to Dagbladet.

– This week the chemotherapy was finished and the oncologists said they had nothing to offer me in Norway but pain relief. Therefore, there was a desire to look for complementary therapies elsewhere. I am just grateful for all the commitment and happy for the support.

The Spleis group was started by Arti Sharma Lopes, who according to Spleisen is Rahman’s childhood friend.

It was a powerful moment in “The Master of Masters” when Bjorn Einar Rommern spoke about cancer. Video: NRK
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– I cheer her up

Rahman received a heavy message about cancer while the rest of Norway enjoyed Varmin Kjendis on TV 2.

In the week after the cancer message came out, many took to social media to show their support for Rahman. Among them is Sophie Elise Isaacsen, 27, who was at Farmin at the same time as the 45-year-old.

She maintains her support for Rehman to Dagbladet.

“Shabana is a wonderful person, and she is important in Norwegian culture. She is brave, reflective and something completely unique. I admire her very much,” Isaacsen wrote in a short message to Dagbladet.

Cancer shock: When Carsten Warholm took the Norwegians’ hearts with his World Cup gold in London in 2017, his girlfriend Oda Djupvik had just completed her latest treatment for cancer. Appears in the NRK series “Karsten and Leif”. Photo: NTB
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