Shark scare in New York: – A lot of anxiety

Shark scare in New York: – A lot of anxiety
Shark scare in New York: – A lot of anxiety
Argosblake: Lifeguard Pat patrols the beach at Rockaway, New York.

ROCKAWAY BEACH (VG) Recently, a woman was attacked by a shark on one of New York’s most popular beaches. Now fear has spread – and shark sightings are on the rise.


65-year-old Tatyana Koltonyuk was out swimming near the shore at famous Rockaway Beach, an hour’s ferry ride outside New York City, when she suddenly became Shark attacked him Aug 8th.

The shark grabbed her left leg and took a big bite. It is said that she took ten kilograms from the woman in her bite.

Rescuers heard the 65-year-old’s cry for help and provided her with first aid. Now, two weeks later, she’s had five operations, according to the report CBS. The condition should be stable.

Survivor: Tatiana Koltonyuk, originally from Ukraine, will likely suffer disabilities for the rest of her life after the attack.

Swimming is prohibited

– We see more and more sharks here, and there are many more than before, lifeguard Pat (20) tells VG.

He sits on his high chair and looks out to sea. Then he sees something he doesn’t like – swimmers who have gone too far in the water. He blows his whistle hard.

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It’s a hot Sunday and a great impression of New Yorkers wanting to cool off. But today he is only allowed to snorkel, because this morning Pat and his colleagues noticed two sharks about 15 meters from the shore. They must have swum at chest height in deep water.

– There were people swimming in the water next to him, says Pat.

He grew up in Rockaway and has worked as a lifeguard since he was 16 years old.

– There are many more sharks here now than there were when I was growing up. i don’t know why. Many are worried, asking us about sharks.

intensive surveillance

Authorities have drones flying over the water, and coast guards are driving back and forth along the beach. The hoof is clearly in the Rockaway.

But according to the authorities, being attacked by a shark is still very unusual.

“This was a scary incident, but we must remind New Yorkers that shark bites in Rockaway are extremely rare,” said District Administrator Megan Lalor.

The shark attack was the first in New York City since 1958, according to an unofficial count. There have been 20 unprovoked shark attacks in the state since 1837.

Take the opportunity

– When I see birds flying over the water, I feel suspicious, because that might indicate the presence of a shark, says Sam McIntosh (34).

She and her friend Nikki Hoppen, 35, took a quick swim while reading a book on the beach. They are from Australia, and they know their ABC sharks.

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Sharks are always disgusting, but the danger is so small that it’s worth a swim, as they say.

New parents Genesis Zurita, 27, and Juan Romero, 28, from New York, are even more concerned.

Son Maximilian (7 months old) swimming in a small paddling pool at the edge of the beach, a safe distance from potential sharks.

– I was nervous when I heard about the attack. We came here today, Zurita says, but I don’t think we’ll come back.

So, it could be a good thing

Could sightings of sharks farther north in the Atlantic Ocean also be a positive sign?

Yes, say several.

Marine biologists have recorded that the proportion of forage fish has increased significantly in the area in recent years. And with them also come the predators that eat them.

The reason for the flow is that The water quality here should improve.

“Sharks are here, this is their home,” notes Pat at Rockaway Beach.

note! Flesh-eating bacteria have also made their way into New York’s shower water. Three people have He died of infectionThe ruler asks everyone to be alert.


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