– She’s getting a little condescending – VG

- She's getting a little condescending - VG
River: Filip and Henrik Ingbrigtsen (number three and four from left) and Narvi Gilji Nordus (second from right), here during Thursday’s Bislet Games competition.

BISLETT (VG) Gjert Ingebrigtsen trained by Narve Gilje Nordås (23) did not meet the requirements of the World Cup by 5000 metres. Filip Ingebrigtsen (29 years old) thinks that’s fine. He thinks there is no point in going to the tournament as a tourist.


Because when asked if he – already ready for the World Cup in the 1500 metres – now feels disappointed Narvi Gilji Nordus that he did not run below par, Philip Ingbrigtsen replied as follows:

– No, not really. I did not aim to participate in the World Cup, but the goal is to perform and do a good job. So it is automatic that you qualify. You don’t care about going to the tournament as a tourist. I don’t think he wants that either, says Philip Ingbergsen and continues:

– It’s not exactly a good feeling to meet the requirements Just. I’ve done this before as a junior and an early adult. Prefer to hang out with those who run far less than required, he says, and refers, among other things, to the three Ethiopians who made up for victory by distance at Besleet.

Far below: Narve Gilje Nordås, here after running the 5,000m in Bislet.

Supported by Henrik Ingebrigtsen:

– He has to take another step forward to do something there (at the World Cup) to do.

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It was a very special evening for the former Ingebrigtsen team in Bislet on Thursday. Until last winter, Jacob, Philip, Henrik and Geert Ingbrigtsen along with Narvi Gilji Nordas were a group that worked together to achieve all goals throughout the season.

but then The three runner brothers cut off cooperation with the fatherCarry on anyway Training commitment with Nordås.

– I know why he missed it

Thursday night, the latter missed the World Cup clause. He had to cross the finish line after 5,000 meters at the time 13.13.50.

Instead, Nordås scored at 13.15.8. He was missing a little more than two seconds. There was a new personal record that wasn’t a bad consolation once. He thinks it’s worth nothing as long as she doesn’t take it out heroically.

– Simply too mentally weak, Nordås tells VG.

“I thought Narve might know why he ‘missed’ the requirement by two seconds,” Gjert Ingebrigtsen wrote in a text message to VG, when asked what kind of thoughts he had when he saw student time.

The coach indicates to VG that the rules for qualifying for international tournaments are becoming more stringent in 2020. This was done to get the athletes to participate in more competitions, including national championships.

Therefore, one can also qualify through the ranking system. As of today – just over a week before the deadline – it is best arranged by those who are not directly eligible.

But Nordus says TV 2 That he “doubts it will work” and that he said last year he would not travel by qualifying by classification.

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VG Gjert told Ingebrigtsen that his son Philip thinks you should hang out with those who controlled the 5,000m at Bislett, and if you don’t, there’s no point in going to the World Cup as a tourist.

When asked if he agreed with this assessment, he answered as follows:

“I don’t immediately agree with Philip here. You are not a tourist even if you don’t occupy 13 empty spaces. Taking part in the Olympics and the World Cup is an important part of motivating many runners around the world. I think it would be a bit condescending to put the term ‘tourist’ on each Someone eventually breaks out in a bid for the World Cup,” the 56-year-old writes.

The collaboration continued: Narve Gilje Nordås and Gjert Ingebrigtsen, here during the Tokyo Olympics last summer, ran the first 5,000 metres.

Philip Ingbrigtsen himself missed the 5,000m requirement in Bislet on Thursday, after To break with Achilles and calf problems along the way. But with that, he qualifies for the 1500m at the World Championships in Eugene, USA, in July.

He wanted to “double” – run at both distances – or choose which of the 5,000 and 1,500 would run during the tournament.

Nothing he does in the World Cup either

However, Philip Ingbrigtsen clearly had expectations for Nordus and Magnus Tov Mehry, who also ran the 5,000m and was 12th, 20 seconds short of WC’s requirement.

– I had high expectations for the two. They might not have gotten the progress that everyone expected and expected. I think they might have more inside this year. But they depend on doing the right thing. It is not automatic to get better and better with each race. It’s a shame that the World Cup train goes. But Magnus is young. Narvi began to become a number one runner. These are the years that you have to shape while the iron is hot and take the level to reach the top of the world.

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Narve Gilje Nordås told VG about Filip Ingebrigtsen’s World Cup chances in the 1500 metres:

– It’s not certain he’s traveling. As of today, as in, he has nothing to do in the World Cup, either.

Correction: VG first wrote that Nordås’ starring dream was broken. This means that he will not be allowed to go to the World Cup in Eugene. This is a mistake. The 23-year-old can still qualify through the ranking system. The error was corrected on 17.06.2022, at 07.20.

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