– Shocked and angry – VG

- Shocked and angry - VG
Left of the club: Thess Krönell – here for the Sävehof – left Metzingen after the bag with the cameras in the locker room.

The players of German club Metzingen spotted several cameras in the player’s locker room in January. Now the Swedish player Tess Kronel talks about the scandal.


People were so sad, shocked, and angry, says Kronell Göteborgs-Posten, reproduced by Aftonbladet.

This winter, the issue has received a great deal of attention outside Germany. CNN and the Guardian were among the media that covered the incident, which was very upsetting to players.

– It was a big deal and Metzingen as a city had the only handball following. Tess Kronell, who left the club later in the season, says the entire municipality was very involved in what happened.

Norway’s Marti Jules Svensson is still playing in Metzingen. She plans to complete the contract, which will last for two more seasons.

– We were told not to say anything about this case. You may have to call the club, Juuhl Svensson tells VG. The promising 21-year-old playmaker took bronze at the European Championships with Norway at junior level.

Metzingen fired one right after the scandal Facebook share After the match against the first team Bietigheim with a photo of the two teams together:

“We don’t let anything or anyone push us down. Women’s handball stands firm and defends itself firmly against all who threaten us and our sport,” he added.

– Such a criminal act goes against all values, says the President of the Women’s Bundesliga Board, Andreas Thiel.

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Kronell says she wasn’t there when the players discovered the cameras.

Training was late and ended around ten in the evening, leaving some players to shower. That was when they discovered the cameras, Tess Kronel tells the Swedish newspaper.

She says the mood of the team was very bad. It is unclear what was filmed. He soon suspected a man who could get into the hall, but no one should be charged in the case.

“This disgusting act – perpetrated by someone we trust firsthand – is simply shocking and has affected us all strongly,” Metzingen coach Ferenc Roth said through a statement from the club.

German women’s handball was also hit by a similar situation earlier in the season.

In September, players Buchholz 08-Rosengarten found something they suspected was a camera while in the shower. The police quickly got involved and eventually also found a camera in the guests’ wardrobe.

“I am still shocked and I hope the person will be convicted,” club director Sven Dubau told Bild.

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