Apple Watch 7 – – Slik blir Apple Watch 7

Apple Watch 7 – – Slik blir Apple Watch 7

Finally, it’s September, which marks the beginning of fall – at least if you follow the calendar seasons – and peak season for tech launches.

In a few weeks, the iPhone 13, AirPods 3, and possibly the Apple Watch 7 will likely be released. If it’s not too late.

According to rumors, this year’s Apple Watch could get the biggest design update in several years.

If well-known rumor maker John Prosser gets it right, the watches will have a design more in line with the latest iPhone models, with sharper edges. Rumors also hint at a design with a narrower bezel around the display.

Furthermore, the Apple Watch 7 is rumored to be slightly larger than the six, with 41 and 45mm versions instead of the 40 and 44 as they are today.

according to Honestly Apple Apple the other day applied for a patent for measuring the percentage of water across the watch, meaning the watch can notify you if you haven’t drank enough water. It may be a feature coming to the seventh generation Apple Watch, but it could also be very close to launch.

Will it be launched in September?

At the same time, it is not known whether the Apple Watch 7 will be launched with iPhone 13 and (most likely) AirPods 3 in September. According to the sites Nikki And Bloomberg The production of the next smartwatch has been postponed.

The reason is presumably due to the “complicated design of the smartwatch,” according to Nikkei.

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“Manufacturers of the Apple Watch 7, which is the expected name of the device, began small-scale production last week, but it did not reach satisfactory production quality due to critical challenges,” people familiar with the matter said, Nikki wrote.

– Challenges

Three of the sources are said to have reported that the disappointing production quality was due to the complexity of the design, and that those who assembled the unit had had challenges assembling the units, components and electronic displays.

– As a result, production has stopped, while producers are trying to solve the challenges, according to the site.

Apple has not yet commented on the allegations.

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