Do not turn off the router at night

Do not turn off the router at night

There are many ways to save electricity, and when prices go up again, not everyone is very smart. For example, many Britons have a bBit of food poisoning because they closed the fridge At night, that He also warned us not to turn off or turn off the water heater to save electricity.

Now it’s the turn of the broadband router. Everyone leaves, and there’s no reason to connect to the router and pull the power while the whole house sleeps?

British telecoms company BT has warned its customers not to turn their routers off at night. When clients turn off the router regularly, this is logged as an error. This not only leads to additional work for BT, but also It can make the network slower When you’ll actually use it, reports the Irish Mirror online newspaper.

According to Elaine Shen, Information Manager at Telia, they will also record many blackouts as deviations.

– If we lose contact with several glacier equipment at the same time within a geographic area, an alarm will go off in our operations center. Then investigations will be carried out as to whether there is a blackout in our node or whether there is a local blackout in the area, Scheen tells DinSide.

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However, it should not slow down networks.

“Alerts about network outages are an important part of our ongoing operational monitoring of our services, and the fact that the alert does not negatively impact broadband supply in any way,” says Shen.

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You may miss updates

However, another downside, if you turn your router off every night, is that you may miss out on several security and firmware updates. Firmware is software that is permanently embedded in the router, and cannot be changed by customers themselves – for example, iOS updates from Apple.

– These updates are usually carried out at night in order to disrupt our customers’ use of our services as little as possible. If the broadband equipment is without power, it will not receive updates until it is turned on again. This means that the customer will experience that the device will take longer to turn on and that it will often restart several times before updates are finished, Shane explains.

The line of Magnus Isaksen from Telenor confirms this.

– It will not usually affect the broadband speed if you turn off the broadband equipment at night. However, not much can be gained by turning off the Wifi at night, so that the power consumption becomes very low. By turning off broadband equipment, the customer may miss or delay updates that are supposed to improve performance and stability, and updates usually happen at night. So we don’t recommend turning off the router and modem to save power, he writes in an email to DinSide.

How much does it cost

The amount of router towing varies from one router to another, and it’s so insignificant that none of the routers we’ve seen for sale say so. The average router uses about 15 watts, 0.36 kWh per day.

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Assuming that the price of electricity is 230 euros, including VAT, this means that it will cost you 99 euros per day, or just over 4 euros per hour. This means you can save four cents for every hour you turn off the router.

Then there is a lot to be gained from taking other measures: Find out how much the electricity you use, and the different electricity prices, here.

– Brutal Awakening

– The router is not an energy thief. If you really want to cut energy use, you have to look at the biggest energy banks, says Eiliv Flakne, press director at Enova.

The majority of the electricity bill goes to room heating, 50-55 percent. Hot water accounts for about 20 percent, with the rest, 20-25 percent, going for lighting, white goods, charging cell phones and computers — and for use and standby on other devices.

The smartest thing to do is to lower the temperature inside. If you cut it one notch, that would amount to roughly five percent of consumption, Flackney says.

It’s a good idea, he says, for Norwegians to start forming a conscious relationship with energy.

– It was a rather brutal awakening, and a tricky way to get to know it, but it’s nice to become more aware of how we use electricity and energy.

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