Two dead twins found in the car

Two aged twin boys were recently found dead in a car in South Carolina, USA AP And the state.

He must have been one of the parents who spotted the little twin in the car on Wednesday. According to the police, they likely died of heat stroke. The Associated Press wrote that it was 27 degrees in the area on the same day.

Miserable parents

“We have very desperate parents,” Detective Nadia Rutherford said at a news conference yesterday.

Rutherford said that the police in Blythwood, where the tragic discovery was made, are working to establish the cause of the death of the twins.

“If this is an unfortunate accident, we hope one day the family will find peace,” Rutherford said at the press conference.

However, the investigator added:

– If it turns out to be a criminal act, we will do our best to bring justice to the boys.

Died: 4-year-old Peter died after an error occurred after he underwent surgery at Sykehuset Innlandet in Hamar. Video: Kristen Sforte / Exclusive / NTB / Reporter: San Sjevik / Wiegard Krueger
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maybe he forgot

According to Rutherford, the course of events may have been that the children were forgotten in the car, while one of the parents went to work. They were initially supposed to be delivered to the kindergarten early in the morning.

At half past five in the afternoon, nine hours later, a parent is said to have spotted the children in the car.

This year At least three children died of left in cars in South Carolina, mainly due to heat stroke, according to Kids and Car Safety. It was reported that most children in South Carolina, US, died in 2018 from heatstroke in cars the state. On average, 39 children die annually from being stuck in cars in the United States.

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