HARDFAST – The government will restrict start-ups on NRK Westland

HARDFAST – The government will restrict start-ups on NRK Westland

Ten days before election day, the government is presenting a lawsuit to Sporting today about the largest single project to build a road in the country’s history.

Hartpost plans to develop the new E39 as a four-lane motorway with a speed of 110 km / h through three municipalities south of Bergen.

It has a five-kilometer long bridge over the Bjørnafjord, and is considered the most important part of the ferry-free coastline between Christianand, Stavanger, Bergen, Alessand and Trontheim.

This project is desirable, controversial and very expensive. Among other things, some parties believe that the bridge over Bizarnafjorden should be chosen differently than the solution.

Now the government thinks that the starting government should confirm the chosen path.

It is very important to manage the extra work of the project. Therefore, the government insists to Sporting that the route selection is standard. Transport Minister Nut Erl Hared writes in a press release that ongoing discussions on the route selection are hampering the progress of the project.

Nut airlift with new national transportation plan

Minister of Communications: Nut Eulert Hardy submits a lawsuit to Sorting to ensure the project progresses.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

Many years of debate will die

Today, the government presents the Sorting proposal as Prime Minister Erna Solberg was the first to warn In an interview with NRK on August 20th.

-Starting is called to ensure that the route for the selected concept and approved municipal sub-project E39 Stord-Os (Hordfast) is repaired.

The government selected the concept in 2013 and the municipal sub-plan was approved by the Ministry of Local Government and Modernization in 2019.

At that time we listened to local and regional interests. We should always listen to them. I present this case to Sporting to ensure direction and progress for the project and to avoid delays, writes the Minister of Transport.

In particular, the government proposes the following results:

“Starting agrees that E39 Stord-Os, landdland-Svegatjørn (Hordfast) in Western Norway can be planned and prepared for construction on the basis of a centrally approved municipal sub-project.”

Aird Hermstadt, Executive Chairman M.D.G.

Visual Experience: MDG Top Arild Hermstad Visual Experience in Bjørnafjorden Municipality this summer.

Photo: Valentina Piscotti / NRK

– Hardfast must be stopped

Ardt Hermstadt, MDG’s first candidate on the Hordand, reiterates his position on Hartfast’s question.

– We think it is totally unacceptable with such huge encroachments on nature and such huge costs.

SV, MDG and Raudt are both enemies of the long floating bridge over Bjørnafjorden

Hermstadt says party talks will be harder if the party gets a key role after the election.

Hardfast must be stopped. I can guarantee that this issue will be given more priority in the negotiations after a strong MDG election, Hermstad says.

Not done before the election

The Progressive Party asked our government to file a lawsuit Lock up growth in today’s starting, But this was not done. It will now be up to the new starting point after the election to take a position on the Soulberg government’s “invitation”.

The Norwegian Public Road Administration is now engaged in planning work and plans to submit a zoning plan for consultation in the first half of 2022.

In the National Transportation Plan for the period 2022-2033 The project is in line with the approved concept and the approved municipal sub-project that requires NOK 37.7 billion funding. NOK 23.7 billion government finance and remaining fees. The project has been running for the first six years.

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