Former lawyer Per Danielsen lost in the Oslo District Court

Former lawyer Per Danielsen lost in the Oslo District Court

Per Danielsen has lost his case against the state at the Bar Licensing Board, according to a recent ruling by the Oslo District Court on Friday.

“The Court concludes that Per Danielson should be deemed unfit to practice law and that he has lost the necessary confidence in the profession. […]. “After this, the decision of the Bar Licensing Board shall stand and the State shall be discharged by the Bar Licensing Board and the entire costs of the suit shall be paid,” the judgment said.

The court was informed that there was no doubt about this decision. Total legal costs for both parties will be less than NOK 6.5 million. DN has reached out to Danielson, who mentions her attorney, Linnea Carlberg.

In a statement via email, he wrote that the ruling will be appealed.

– The District Court, in a sensational manner, executed only a copy of the judgment without properly dealing with the objections to the decision. It says that this judgment is a blanket judgment where it is not willing to consider anything other than the view of the State.

The grant was withdrawn

The background to the investigation is that the license was revoked in December 2022. This happened after the state decided in the Bar Licensing Board that Danielson was “unfit to practice law” and had lost “the confidence necessary for the profession.” .

Since the decision before Christmas, Danielson has been barred from practicing as a lawyer.

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A two-week trial took place at the Oslo District Court in May.

The cancellation of Danielsen’s license came after a lengthy process, in which EY, on behalf of the Danish Legal Services Authority, wrote an 18-page report on Advokatkontoret Danielsen’s activities.

Based on this report and numerous complaints from former clients, the Bar Licensing Board decided in December 2022 that Danielson was neither fit nor qualified to practice law and had lost the confidence necessary to practice law. This brought an end to a lawyer’s career that lasted for about 40 years.

Before the trial, Danielson said he believed he had been treated more harshly than other attorneys and that the decision to revoke his attorney’s license should be invalid. Among other things, he believed he was unfairly held responsible for the wrongdoings of lawyers who worked for him.

He also believed that the Bar Licensing Board was not acting independently.

Government attorney Kirsten Berger argued before the hearing that Danielson tops the Disciplinary Board’s statistics for lawyers, with a total of 67 appeals over the past five years. The government believes that there are many unclear contract terms and a lack of information from the lawyer to the client regarding the assignment.

Strongly objectionable

The district court indicated that attorneys rely on trust only if the attorney’s honesty and integrity are beyond doubt.

Danielson and his business did not adapt to these demands, and it ended. The highly objectionable handling of individual cases, “significant deviations from good legal practice and established professional practice” and “extensive and prolonged breaches of professional obligations and significant deviations from acceptable lawyerly conduct” when using external legal aid services are also noted. .

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Kirsten Berger, the state’s legal representative, said in a statement that she was satisfied with the “good and proper ruling.”

– He says he hopes the ruling will start a debate about consumer protection for legal services, which appears to be too weak under current regulations.

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