Carlsberg sells its business in Russia – E24

Carlsberg sells its business in Russia – E24

The beer producer is now withdrawing from Russia. The sale is pending approval from the Russian authorities.

The Carlsberg logo above the entrance to a pub in Brussels.

– Today the Carlsberg Group signed an agreement for the sale of the Russian business, the company writes in a press release.

The Danish beer producer, who also owns Norway’s Ringnes, writes that the withdrawal from the country has been complicated. It is said to have cost more than DKK 150 million in investments in brewing equipment and IT infrastructure outside of Russia.

The deal is awaiting approval from the authorities in Russia, and it is not clear when it is likely to be implemented.

Carlsberg does not write anything about the buyers of the Russian branch of the company.

– Signing an agreement to sell a business in Russia is a very important milestone in the very complex process of parting and selling, says the CEO of the company, Cees ‘t Hart.

Russia’s problem for Freya and Mondelez

Recently, owner Freia Mondelez announced that the company would separate from the Russian business by the end of the year. Nothing was said about the company’s withdrawal.

This happened after a number of Norwegian companies boycotted the company after it ended up on the “black list” of Ukraine.

Elkjøp, Norwegian and Widerøe pulled the brakes and turned around after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the authorities were only dealing with the EU sanctions list.

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SAS and Strawberry are among the companies insisting on boycotting Freia. SAS press director Tonje Sund told E24 that the airline remains loyal to the Ukrainian list.

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