You want Tesla wireless charging

You want Tesla wireless charging

No one has succeeded in achieving large-scale wireless charging of electric vehicles.

Tesla previously hinted at wireless charging

It’s German Wiferion (which raised $16 million) that Tesla wants to trade. This is confirmed by the company itself, which started in 2016. According to sources, Wiferion shareholders should be ready to sell shares to “Tesla International BV”. Two of the investors confirmed that a deal had taken place, but did not name the buyer. Neither the company nor Tesla have commented on the matter.

Wiferion has already had commercial success with wireless charging, but it’s basically about wirelessly charging about 8,000 industrial robots. So this will be doubly beneficial for Tesla: charging robots in factories And Research wireless electric vehicle charging without having to start from scratch.

Those of you who have read us a while ago know that we have written about wireless electric vehicle charging many times in the past, including in connection with a test in Oslo in 2019:

Oslo Municipality, in collaboration with Finnish Fortum and American Momentum Dynamics, has revealed that they have an exciting project in the works: wireless charging plates installed under cars. Primarily, taxis will benefit from the technology while waiting for customers, and will be able to haul up to 75 kW “.

“The Peugeot Inception concept makes charging cables unnecessary. It can be charged by induction. A range of 30 and 150 kilometers is achieved with one and five minutes of charging, respectively,” the manufacturer stated in January this year.

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