I think municipalities are putting jobs in the industry at risk when they say no to wind energy – NRK Vestfold and Telemark – Local News, TV and Radio

I think municipalities are putting jobs in the industry at risk when they say no to wind energy – NRK Vestfold and Telemark – Local News, TV and Radio

The collective business community is worried about the future. The industry is in dire need of electricity.

But in heavily industrialized Greenland, no one wants to contribute what the industry wants never Most.

Because both the Conservative Party in Skien and the Labor Party in Porsgrunn had accepted an ultimatum from the Industry and Trade Party in order to secure power.

Which means that no new wind energy projects will be studied or built during the next four years.

Beauty swallowed

In this way, Marius Röheim-Arvold (H) ensured that he obtained the position of Mayor of Skåne.

– For me, it was important to promise citizens that we will bring about political change. We’ll make it happen now, says Arvold.

Marius Röheim Arvold (right), the next mayor of Skien

Photo: Lars Torre Endersen/NRK

He previously admitted that the settlement with the Iraqi National Party was a defeat.

– Just for the sake of wind energy now, we had to swallow this camel, he told NRK on Wednesday.

The same thing happened in the neighboring municipality of Porsgrunn.

He believes jobs may be lost

This puts investment in the entire industry at stake, believes LO leader Peggy Hessen-Wolsvik.

-This is an area with major industrial plans. But the existing and potential industry will face a setback if the INP gets its policy approved in several places. Volsvik says this puts jobs in Vestfold and Telemark at risk.

New Hydrogen Strategy Heroya: Ole Henrik Almeide (ex), Peggy Hessen-Volsvik, Terje Aasland (ab)

LO leader Peggy Hessen Følsvik with Ole Erik Almlid (left) and Terje Aasland (right) during a visit to the Herøya industrial park in Porsgrunn.

Photo: Theo Aasland Valen/NRK

NHO Director Ole Erik Almeide believes that politicians across Norway, especially in industrial areas, should think carefully.

-If they close off the opportunity for further energy development, both industrial projects and new jobs may be lost. That’s how serious it is, he says.

The energy need in Greenland is enormous. In the future, a three-fold increase is expected, according to the main Swedish business management organisation.

Municipal councils have the final say on wind energy. What is more important now is that politicians do not commit themselves to agreements for four years in the future on such an important issue, Al-Mulaid believes.

It needs renewable energy

Yara’s CEO shares the concern in the business world.

– The industry has already achieved massive emissions reductions. We are the world leaders in technology. The next step is about electrification, says Sven Tore Holsether, CEO of Yara.

CEO Sven Tore Holsether at Yara.

Sven Tore Holsether, CEO of Yara.

Photo: Juri Norström/NRK

Then companies need renewable energy.

-And then I’m very concerned when Greenland, the industrial capital of Norway, moves towards developing wind energy.

I believe that municipalities must bear their responsibility

The minister believes that municipalities must intervene.

– Municipalities that want to facilitate industrial and commercial development must take responsibility for ensuring we have enough renewable energy so that industry and business can invest, says Terje Aasland, Minister of Oil and Energy.

His party colleague in Porsgrunn got the mayoralty by meeting the INP based on their demands.

The city’s next mayor, Jannick Andreessen, believes this was the right decision.

– 70% of voters in Porsgrunn voted for parties that said no to wind energy impact assessments. And this was the result, says Andreessen.

Opponents of wind power will produce energy in a different way.

– For example, gas energy and nuclear energy, which we at INP want to facilitate. But first and foremost, we want to improve hydropower, says Tommy Ballestad, INP group leader in Skien.

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