May 29, 2023


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Conflict with China - a tribute to Lithuania

Conflict with China – a tribute to Lithuania


Little Lithuania, a country where others dare to be quiet and resist aggressive China.

Explains the Peace in a Vulnerable Country: Archbishop Jindras Cruz from the Christmas service at the Cathedral in Vilnius. Photo: AP / NTB
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Our little, semi-nordic, Neighboring Lithuania deserves a tribute in 2021. When Norway’s relations with China were in a “freeze” for eight years, the Nobel Committee awarded the Peace Prize to Chinese regime critic Liu Xiaobo in 2010, allowing little Lithuania to open the Antarctic because it was cold. The representative office for Taiwan in Lithuania is the capital Vilnius. Lithuania stood firm in the Chinese Antarctic storm, while Norway knelt on its knees, including on human rights, including the Norwegian embassy to leave the diplomatic freezer. In stark contrast to Norway, Lithuania stood up and defended democratic values.

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In mid-December All the Lithuanian ambassadors were expelled from Beijing, which was made a disgrace. The most influential propaganda newspaper, the Global Times, compared Lithuania to its 2.8 million people as “easily killed by a rat, even a fly”. But killing a fly is not worth it because of all the dirt it creates. Nevertheless, Lithuania continued to urge its citizens, among other things, to throw away Chinese smartphones.

China has responded All EU products with Lithuanian components that have not entered China. That is, many containers that are already arriving will be discarded when they arrive. China is fighting in every possible way against what they consider to be minor insults. All are increasingly in the spirit of President Xi Jinping’s sense of nationalism and dictatorship.

But Lithuania is historically significant Well vaccinated against being overthrown by dictatorial forces, he saw Hitler and then Stalin again during World War II, after being overthrown by Stalin. These days Lithuania was the leading country when the Soviet Union collapsed 30 years ago.

Stand up Democratic values ​​were also at stake when protests erupted in neighboring Belarus in August 2020 following the election fraud of President Alexander Lukashenko. Lukashenko also responded with holy dictatorial anger to Lithuania, sending refugees from the Middle East to the border. They were stopped all over the EU’s outer borders. Despite this, Lithuania was the country to follow in 2021.

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