New solar storm warning: Could knock out GPS, electricity and radio

New solar storm warning: Could knock out GPS, electricity and radio

There have been several eruptions on the surface of the Sun in recent days.

Scientists are now warning that if the most desperate scenarios strike, multiple eruptions could wreak havoc in parts of the Earth. Newsweek.

Solar flares are large bursts of electromagnetic radiation that occur when energy is released from complex magnetic field lines on the Sun's surface. These can be classified by strength.

Eruptions on the Sun's surface now should be moderate in intensity.

Solar flares are often accompanied by large outflows of solar plasma, which are essentially clouds of electrified, magnetized gas. According to scientists, these clouds float through space at a speed of two million kilometers per second.

Video: NASA caught a giant solar storm on film

Can trigger geomagnetic storms around the world

According to estimates from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) At least three solar storm clouds will hit Earth this week. This can trigger moderate geomagnetic storms around the world.

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But because solar storms are said to be set in motion in rapid succession, experts believe there's a small chance these flares could create what's called a “cannibalistic coronal mass ejection.”

Can disrupt communication and create confusion

NOAA writes that solar disturbances have long been known to disrupt communications, wreak havoc with geomagnetic systems, and endanger satellite operations.

But because of Earth's magnetosphere, ionosphere, and atmosphere, our own planet is largely protected from the effects of these impacts.

A positive effect of solar storms is that there are opportunities to see the spectacular northern lights, especially in northern latitudes.

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