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Kristine Moe Skjølberg og Hannah Sandblåst Olsen bak disken på kafeen på Veiholmen

At the end of the sea break in Nortmore is the Tourist Pearl Weiholmen. In a few more days a lot of tourists will come here and everyone should contribute.

13-year-old Hannah Sandblåst Olsen and her friend Kristine Moe Skjølberg, 14, are also in the running. They will do summer work in the cafe.

– It may be a bit rushed, but it’s a lot of fun. Many orders are coming in and you have to do everything to get what the customers want, says Christine.

She worked last summer and knows what she is talking about. Hannah has been helping out for years because her mother owns the hotel.

– It is wise to start early. Then you get the experience and you can get better jobs after a quarter, says Hannah.

Kristine Moe Skjølberg did not apply for a summer job, but was asked if she would like to work in a cafe last summer. She will also be working there this year.

Photo: Malin Kellstadley Courseness / NRK

16 years of experience

In Hawkrova, Veronica Carmen Pavlovich (16) is engaged in taking orders for dinner. He has completed 10th class, but is still experienced in the industry. As a 13-year-old girl, she called Hawkrova and asked if she had a job. Since then, she has been on summer and weekends.

– The first working day I was very stressed. Veronica says from a young age I thought people would push me away. But she enjoyed it from the first moment it didn’t happen. Now she speaks English with tourists at one table, another Norwegian. He recommends trying the local saltfish ball dish.

Veronica Carmen Pavlovich works in Hawkrova, Weiholman, Smola.  Receives dinner orders from two tourists.

Veronica Carmen Pavlovich wants to be an employee. This is my third year working at Hawkrova.

Photo: Malin Kellstadley Courseness / NRK

Depending on the youth

Monica Iverson runs a restaurant, lodge, RV parking and kiosk, among others. He says tourism in Smola depends on hiring local youth. They get a job at the age of 13-14 and are happy until they go abroad to study.

– You should not underestimate them. They are conscientious and good. Of course, they need form and training, Iversen says.

Monica Iverson is a daily camper and owner of Hawkrova in Smola.  She is standing outside the building

Monica Iverson is the owner of Daily Camper & Hawkrova, which owns a restaurant and lodge in Weiholmen, Smola. She has good experience in hiring young people.

Photo: Malin Kellstadley Courseness / NRK

He hopes to provide opportunities for young people who want to work in other tourism sectors. His junior staff starts at Diets and progresses after a quarter. Of course, he is dependent on people over the age of 18 and 20 who can pour alcohol.

– The first thing they win when the summer is over, Iverson says, is that they will be back next year as well.

Manpower shortage

According to the NHO, the tourism sector is short of 10,000 employees and some are now hiring young staff.

– There are various challenges in the rules of working hours and the provision of alcohol, and one may have to spend more time in training, but I think the experience in using young people will be better, he says Ole Michael Bjørndal, Course Director of the NHO.

Barista study in Oslo

At the cafe, Hannah and Christine are ready to welcome all guests arriving in July. The freezer is filled with homemade cakes served by women. Hannah also took a barista course through a coffee supplier in Oslo, so she now holds a diploma as proof that coffee can be made.

– I do not think other 13 year old boys can make coffee professionally, she smiles.

Hannah Sandblast Olson at a coffee machine at the Liebherr Coffee Bar in Weiholmen, Smola

Hannah has been studying barista in Oslo.

Photo: Malin Kellstadley Courseness / NRK

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