June 8, 2023


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The Quick Path to a Different Society - VG

The Quick Path to a Different Society – VG

Difference-Norway: – Norwegians do not like inequality, at least not when it affects them. VG’s commentator writes about the “quick track” project at the Tusenfryd Amusement Park outside Oslo, which is particularly unpleasant when it goes beyond children.

A stand-alone fast track pass for the affluent is Dussenfried’s amusement park in competition for the holiday crowd. This is no longer unusual.


This is a comment. The commentary expresses the attitude of the writer

Now I stumble upon the glass house like a hangover south traveler because I throw hundreds more at the table to avoid standing in a mile-long queue in Cartermoyen, but in other words: announced introduction In Tusenfryd there are so-called express passes Everything else is a happy one.

Visitors who receive unusual holiday pay will go beyond the usual at the amusement park by paying an extra fee on top of the already very expensive entrance fee.

Not only do they have to pass the others in line and go into the park, but they – that is, the offspring (mostly) – have to drive to huge and (for some reason) very attractive places.

This is what it means: those with bad advice have to sweat long queues, while the children of those who sniff the leading list of incomes can pass by without worrying about the regular queue.

“Anorsk” is a word I do not like to use around the world, but here it applies: it is Pinato Anorsk.

Well, then, there is the “test”, the express passes are low (50 per day). But restructuring happens for a reason, i.e. there is a need.

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Among those who can afford it, we hope.

SV politicians were outraged, including Omar Sami Kamal, councilor of the Culture and Sports Agency in Oslo. He calls it the “general bad development in society” and this may be right in many ways. Football, the sport of equality in front of others, is also struggling The growing class divide By raising training fees.

Former footballer Anders Jacobson believes we are moving from “club in my heart” to “club in dad’s purse”.

This is a brilliant word. Trust the Daisy «experiment» and (thus) community designed to test the essence of Norwegian equality: Norwegian children are as equal as possible when it comes to playing and having fun.

Daisy flowers are a crazy madness at the end of summer and most people celebrate the holidays. These are the rows that come from hell, or more accurately, the person who signs below sees it: rows To do Hell.

Riding roller coasters in the yard is pure madness, and incomprehensible, at least we feel the fear of heights as we climb the stairs at home.

For UNSKVETNE: Roller coaster Supersplash in Tusenfryd, Ås municipality south of the capital.

But now there is a boycott. Daisy flowers and the like are incredibly popular among second-generation youngsters, and we pay for their fun – attractions and at least very sensible food not served – there, standing in line and feeling panicked. The summer sun gets the perfect roof, and the crowds are threatening on all sides – there are people (thankfully mostly children) who express themselves to near-death experiences, which is completely voluntary.

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Such people should be respected.

No other family parks in Norway have introduced similar programs this summer, which is said to be good. However, it may be on the way anyway – because the demand and competition between them is increasing.

Meaning: Greater class division, even among children.

It is not surprising that left-wing politicians have pushed themselves into the debate and warned against an unfortunate trend in the more affluent Norway. It is practically left-wing politics, and it resonates well across broad layers.

Norwegians do not like inequality, at least not when it affects them. It is especially unpleasant when it goes beyond children.

Tusenfryd Marketing Manager Erik Røhne Andersen himself says he did not think it would have a significant impact on the NRK’s ​​queue length, but someone at the School of Marketing Management is learning to say the same thing.

Of course it is, and at least if this program is expanded, many of us will be like the projects that are approved from similar parks overseas.

I myself live far away from Tusenfryd and the pressure to get there is not small. Paying 500 kroner per head per day will be a juicy cut on the holiday budget, at least if there is constant pressure (chatter) you do not have to stand in long queues.
“Only 300 Croner Extra, Dad!”

I ask myself. And it was not deleted.