Warnings to drive carefully: – More news about cars skidding

Warnings to drive carefully: – More news about cars skidding

On Tuesday morning, there were reports of extremely slippery roads in eastern Norway. Many mountain passes are closed.

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– Emergency services receive several reports of cars skidding on slippery surfaces on the E6 Sarpsborg/Skjeberg. Reason to warn road users across Eastern Police District to drive carefully at 07:00 on Tuesday.

On Monday evening, rain fell on frozen roads, and many motorists simply had to pull over on the side of the road. Slippery conditions remain at many places on Tuesday morning.

– The main road network is mostly bare and wet, but even the E6 in lower Østfold has very slippery sections. Transport operator Nils Jakob Aae tells VG at 07.30 that it will be very slippery on roads with less traffic in Viken and inland.

– Sure, some people have to go out for a drive, but it’s better to wait until it’s light if you can. In addition, it is necessary to adjust the speed according to the route. You have to be vigilant, he adds.

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The Swedish Road Administration reports difficult driving conditions in many places.

– Driving is difficult in large parts of the country due to high rainfall and low temperatures. This is especially true in the western, central and northern regions, the Swedish Road Administration writes on its website.

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Many mountain passes in southern Norway are closed due to bad weather.

  • National highway 7 in Hartangervitae and county highway 50 in Buskerut between Hol and Orland are closed.
  • In addition, column driving was introduced on the E134 over Haukelifjell on the east side of Vågslidtunnelen and Haukelitunnelen.
  • On the E69 between Skarsvåg and Nordkapp, and on the national road 13 above Vikafjellet in Vestland, queuing with uncertain end times is introduced.
  • On National Highway 52 above Hemsedal, convoy driving can be introduced at short notice due to snowdrifts and low visibility.

According to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, a new assessment will be carried out on most sections on Tuesday morning.

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