Cooperative, customer newspaper | You could miss out on Coop’s 97 million discounts: – Beware!

Cooperative, customer newspaper |  You could miss out on Coop’s 97 million discounts: – Beware!

2.3 million of Coop’s customers have personal coupons that give them an average of 20 percent off.

Before Christmas last year, customers had coupons worth NOK 50 million. Now the amount is almost double. In total, customers have coupons worth NOK 97 million.

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Bread and banana

To use them, you must download the Coop app and activate coupons.

In 2023, these are some of the items that topped the list of most frequently issued coupons:

  • bread
  • banana
  • an egg
  • option
  • Chicken fillet

See larger list below

Members receive coupons on items they purchase frequently.

– They mostly use coupons on dairy products. Milk, sour cream and yoghurt are particularly popular, but mackerel in tomatoes is also very popular, says Extra chain manager Håvard Jensen.

-All the kings are leaving

This year, customers used coupons in droves. So far it has provided a total discount of NOK 330 million. Blogger Rune “Gjerrigknarken” Nikolaissen uses coupons when appropriate.

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– Of the coupons I have received now, minus four kroner for clementines, four kroner for mozzarella cheese, and four kroner for bread shortening. This is not crazy. But I activate them and buy them if I’m going to get the goods anyway, says Gerejknarkin.

– I say like Ollie Broome: I like to take sacks and sacks, he says.

But he wished the discounts were a little more attractive.

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-I think some coupons are a bit confusing. But all the men leave, says blogger Ron “Jereknarkin” Nicolaisen.

He keeps track of the chain’s discount plans and customer newsletters very well. The discount offered by coupons varies, but is often four to six kroner.

watch out!

Coupons can be used at all Coop stores. For customers, it’s important to note that there are significant price differences between Coop’s different grocery chains. For example, prices are generally significantly higher on Mega and Prix than on Extra.

– watch out! If you use a coupon at Mega, the price is still higher than if you shopped at Kiwi, says Gjerrigknarken.

In terms of price, the Extra is on par with the Kiwi and Rema 1000, and it was the Extra that also won the last big price test at Nettavisen.

This means that a NOK 10 discount on a Grandiosa pizza would be a much better offer at Extra than at Mega.

-A bit of fun

For Coop, coupons are important for building loyalty and attracting customers to the store. But in the age of animals we live in, coupons are a welcome extra discount for many.

– Christmas is an expensive time for many, and with interest rates increasing, it will be more difficult for many, says chain manager Håvard Jensen in Extra.

– Members are generally keen to use the vouchers they receive, and we’re sure the extra savings will come in handy when they plan their Christmas shopping now, says Jensen.

The stingy addict uses coupons when he buys the item anyway.

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-But wouldn’t it have been better with just the low prices and not all these discount systems?

-Maybe the chains need something to attract people to the store. And for me as a customer, it’s also a bit of fun. It’s not my problem that others choose not to take advantage of the discounts, says Ron “Gerijknarken” Nicolaysen.

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