Sortland, News | The blue room in blue after rejecting offers: – a risky situation

Sortland, News |  The blue room in blue after rejecting offers: – a risky situation

The county council in Nordland presented the Kleva package in April 2023, in which they promised, among other things, a new “Blue Room” teaching room in the Kleva. Now it turns out that the Blue Room will not be finished for next school year as promised by the district councilor for education, Fredrik Pearson (AP), says Pete Bo Nielsen, district council representative for the Conservative Party, in a press release.

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The tender process for setting up the room was unsuccessful as the offers received were rejected. This means delaying the completion of the Blue Room, which was supposed to be ready sometime after the new year.

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“This is a risky situation, and now it is urgent to find a good, local alternative to the Blue Room in Kleva,” says Nielsen.

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There must be local solutions and the municipality must intervene so that the provision of pupils is secured immediately. Fortunately, we have a strong local aquaculture industry that has been supportive throughout and contributed to the establishment of the Kleva aquaculture line, says county council representative Betty Bo Nielsen from Hoyer in Sortland.

“It is disappointing that the county council in Nordland had so little control over the process that we ended up with what we feared and warned about, which was that promises about investment in Kleva would be nothing but empty words, says Conservative Sortland mayoral candidate Grete Ellingsen.

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