Åge Skinstad, Cross Country | New details shaking the toilet head: – Danger to life!

Åge Skinstad, Cross Country |  New details shaking the toilet head: – Danger to life!

Trondheim/Oslo (Netafsen): Toilet manager Åge Skinstad is very satisfied with the implementation of a toilet trial in Trondheim.

But what he is not happy about is the incident that occurred during the men’s ski race on Saturday when activists tried to sabotage the race by entering the track.

However, the activists were quickly stopped by both volunteers and bystanders who realized what was at stake.

We want campaigners who want to express themselves to do so outside of the competition. He’s so stupid. These are people who spend at least a thousand hours a year and have been doing so for 10 to 15 years at a given time. Skinstad tells Netafsen that he doesn’t belong anywhere to be destroyed.

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– It could have been fatal

Following the incident, new details emerged indicating that the protesters brought a steel cable with them. They were supposed to use it to bind themselves together while they campaigned on the road.

It shakes the toilet manager.

– It could have been fatal, Skinstad says.

-If 80-90 men’s runners go there. I can’t understand how they think it’s not serious when there’s a queue of people. How will person number 60 see what is happening in front of him, wonders the toilet master.

He now thanks those along the way who reacted quickly.

– It was very good that volunteers and attendees were able to ensure that dangerous situations were avoided, says Skinstad.

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Shareholders respond

Stal Prestoy, spokesman for the Stop Oil Drilling campaign, believes criticism of the steel wires is unreasonable.

– I think the criticism is exaggerated, because it was aimed at linking the demonstrators together, not stopping the skaters. The goal was to have it be hand-in-hand among the campaign participants, he tells Netafisin.

He says safety is very important to them, and they don’t want skiers or expeditioners to get injured.

– That’s why we choose to carry out our campaigns in places where the speed is slower. Obviously there can be queues on the road and things can happen, but with the headwinds we’ve had so far, we don’t see it as a big issue, says Prestoy.

Campaigners are being urged to stay off the ski slopes, but Bristoy says that will not happen as long as there are no changes.

They believe the government is pursuing an aggressive oil policy, and are also highly critical of the Equinor-sponsored ski association.

– We prefer to leave this matter behind. It’s not something we think is funny or good, but when the government pursues such an aggressive oil policy as it does, we have no other choice, he believes.

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