– So beautiful – VG

- So beautiful - VG
Veteran and Final: Elsie Bey and Andreas “Tex” Hauckland.

Last year’s MGP Awards winner hails one of tonight’s favorites.


a lot of Pre-hype at this year’s MGP It is about the masked duo Subwoolfer.

But Elsa Søllesvik, who goes by the artist pseudonym Elsie Bay, is a notch behind Subwoolfer when it comes to playing on Spotify.

Bookmakers also announce that Elsie Bay is a good number two before tonight’s final – and the artist saw it.

– Yes. I hope it develops into a clear number one, she says.

The 2021 TIX award winner is also in attendance at the H3 Arena in Bærum on Saturday night. VG asks if he has any advice on what Elsie Bay can do to win people over when she will perform “Death Of Us”.

– What you do on stage is already very beautiful. Definitely one of the strongest songs. He says Eurovision will be lucky to try in Turin.

– Thank you very much! , answers Elsie Bay, last night’s finalist out of ten.

– If you win, you can call me, and I’ll give you all the secrets, TIX laughs, before he can even think about it.

– Or wait, I only came in at 18th place in Eurovision!

Elsie Bay agrees that a possible fight between her and Subwoolfer would be one between a fairly serious song and a joke.

– You will be up to date, she says.

– We have very different songs, so we’ll see what people want.

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Producer in contrast: Music producer Karl-Henrik Wahl (right) is Subwoolfer’s “spokesperson” for the MGP final.

Subwoolfer also met with the press before the start of the final, but kept himself close – leaving all the data to an unconvincing man who calls himself “Mr. Speaker”.

In the real world, he is music producer Carl Henrik Wal this site He recently worked with Gaute Ormåsen and Ben Adams – two of the most talked about names in Speculation about who the Subwoolfer is.

– Yes, that’s right, says Wal, who does not want to reveal who is hiding behind the masks.

– But what I can say is that so far no one has correctly guessed which one is standing together on stage.

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