Some landslide injuries early Easter – but now the risk of avalanches is increasing – NRK Trams and Finmark

Topptur i sola på Getryggen i Snasahøgarna i Sverige.

– The risk of landslides is still high in many parts of the country, so it is gratifying that there have been no serious landslide accidents so far this Easter.

The Says Vegard Eidissen Lindbæk, president of the Norwegian People’s Aid Sanitet. He was a team of avalanches and took a close look at the effects taken by avalanches.

He believes the quiet start of Easter shows people paying attention and avoiding avalanche-dangerous terrain. Many dramatic landslide accidents before Easter.

Lost last week Three French tourists live in the Lincoln Alps on trams. Trams is the district there Most avalanches occur in Norway. Møre og went to Romsdal Eight landslides in one day in the same week.

– Avalanches have enormous powers, and when we get to the rescue service it is unfortunately often already too late. So, we’re glad we did not have to go out for any accidents in recent days, says Eidissen Lindbæk.

The Red Cross says there have been some injuries in the Easter Mountains so far. Mandy Thursday at 5 p.m., the Red Cross Aid Call Centers reported 15 missions. This is a small number, writes Roy Voram in a press release to the National Council of the Red Cross Auxiliary Forces.

He thinks it may indicate that people are good at following mountain weather rules, but is reminded that the risk of avalanches is not over.

On the contrary, says Emma Julseth Barfod. He, who is also the duty manager for avalanche warnings at the NVE, says the risk of avalanches is increasing.

– In great demand in large parts of the country

Reported on Friday Significant avalanche risk in large parts of the country (risk level 3). From Saturday, temperatures are expected to rise in northern Norway.

In addition, the risk of avalanches increases, says Jolset Barfot.

– We have much needed snow cover in most parts of the country. We constantly call them weak layers, which are very unstable layers, at snow-covered heights. As the temperature rises now, the already unstable ice haze becomes even weaker.

Emma Barford, Duty Manager for Avalanche Alert at NVE.

Photo: Stig Storheil / NVE

In western Norway, temperatures were already high on Thursday in Mandi. With barefoot it says it has already led to major landslides that occur naturally and that heat is expected to spread north.

– On Saturday it comes to northern Norway, and then the same thing happens there. The snow is getting weaker and we expect it to be even easier to trigger a landslide. Large natural landslides can also occur.

He says it is difficult to predict when avalanches will actually go away, and encourages people in the mountains to avoid avalanche terrain.

This is because the Easter trip to the snow-capped mountains is huge in the days to come.

Vegard Eidissen Lindbæk of Norway People’s Aid also urges people to be extra careful.

– We encourage everyone to check their alerts carefully every day. In addition to looking at the level of danger, it can be helpful to look at the signs and study the associated traffic advice.

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