Someone paid an insane amount of money for this old Ford

Someone paid an insane amount of money for this old Ford

Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth. Råskinn’s version of the family car. The one with the solid rear spoiler. Here we are talking about a classic car and a car that makes all car enthusiasts’ blood pumping a little faster.

The RS emblem on Ford’s tailgate has always meant something extra. With this, Ford has taken a long step forward. Where GTIs from the same era, i.e. the mid-1980s, often delivered upwards of 100 horsepower, the rawhide Ford came with an engine from famed British engine builder Cosworth. Here there were more than 200 Gumps! Fierce was just the first letter.

Wing: The solid rear wing gave it the nickname of the wing car. Image: Silverstone Auctions

Low mileage and full documentation

The price was also tough. Sierra costs around NOK 400,000 in Norway. Someone took advantage of it. The problem wasn’t just getting financing. Securing these cars has also become a problem.

Cosworth has also become a favorite of car thieves. We believe that all cars in Norway have been stolen at least once…

Whether the recently sold black car in these photos was stolen, we don’t dare say anything about it, but there are several indications that it wasn’t. First: it didn’t go away. Second: the condition is nothing less than the imagination.

It has only covered 8,355 kilometers (!) since it was new in 1987.

These kilometers are documented. Complete service book. All documents and papers from the vehicle’s 36 years of age are included. The car was also “displayed” just before it was sold.

We are therefore talking about a true classic car in unique condition, with low mileage and with full documentation. This quickly results in harsh prices at auction. A smart market (for seller) where enthusiastic stakeholders meet and bid on the same commodity.

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Clean: The engine compartment is as beautiful as the rest of the car: Photo: Silverstone Auctions.

Clean: The engine compartment is as beautiful as the rest of the car: Photo: Silverstone Auctions.

7.3 million NOK

It is the famous auction house Silverstone Auctions, which recently sold the black Sierra. They were also surprised at the price the car achieved. To put it this way – they have some experience…

They had previously suggested the car could fetch up to £180,000. or NOK 2.25 million. It’s not a small amount of money. If there is a bidding round.

So mistakes can be made. What a bidding round. When the auctioneer slammed the gavel on the table, the winning bid was £590,500 – or roughly NOK 7.3 million. Then you really want a Sierra Cosworth… At this price, there are undoubtedly two buys for another fun car, too.

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See all the photos here: Photo: Silverstone Auctions

See all the photos here: Photo: Silverstone Auctions

One of the finest countries in the world

Anyway: We’re talking about a solid “land record” when it comes to price. To stick in terms of jumping, one might have jumped over the entire plain here and perhaps the amphitheater as well?

Never before has a Sierra, Cosworth or not, sold for this price.

There is probably also reason to suppose that this is perhaps one of the finest examples in the wide world of a desirable Ford model.

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Video: Here we test another and older Ford classic

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