Soon you can get a “Power Bank” that charges the car

Soon you can get a “Power Bank” that charges the car

IdeenExpo is the name of a large trade fair that is held in Hannover, Germany now. Tesla, which has already started producing cars precisely in Germany, is there.

This time they’re not showing off a new car, but a trailer with nine 300-watt solar cells. These solar panels can be folded in and out and can produce 2.7 kW.

Something that should be able to give the car a range of about 80 kilometers during a sunny day. Many do a lot of short driving – and with this trailer you can actually charge much of your daily driving using solar energy. Not bad considering today’s electricity prices.

Multiple areas of use

Even if all the panels are hollowed out, they will be able to produce 900 watts of power, under good conditions.

The trailer, as with everything, weighs less than 750 kilograms and can therefore be driven without any additional “trailer sticker”.

Combined with the correct type of battery, it can be used as a power source in places where there is no access to electric current. Then, in addition to charging the car, it can provide enough power for a small cabin. Or you can use it for camping. If you want to watch TV, pop the popcorn and turn on the coffee maker in the tent. Then maybe it will be wonderful?

You can also use it as emergency power at home, in case of a power outage. So the possibilities are more.

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everything is possible

But it’s not just the electricity it can provide. Tesla has also outfitted it with Starlink satellite Internet receivers from SpaceX. Besides the extra range and power, you also get very good internet.

The trailer is still a prototype, mostly to show what’s possible, we suppose.

Tesla has a long history with solar cells. It is not known if – and perhaps when – it will go into production. But when you know the history of Tesla, you know that anything is possible and most things can happen.

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