SP-Toppe accuses H campaignie of resuming election campaign – NRK Norway – Overview of news from various parts of the country

SP-Toppe accuses H campaignie of resuming election campaign – NRK Norway – Overview of news from various parts of the country

I was very angry with the way Haye and the government went out. This seems to be part of the Conservative Party’s election campaign, Toppe told the NRK in Arendt.

And in detail:

If we do not have infection control measures, it would be foolish to talk about “quickly reopening” and “deleting all measures” while FHI models show a completely different situation.

Last week, the government announced that most coronary operations could be eliminated in September when everyone over the age of 18 was given a second vaccine dose.

But on the same day, the National Institutes of Public Health released one Report This shows that if winter goes on with current infection control measures, we could endanger more than 14,000 hospital admissions in the months to March 2022.

The FHI report is not a prediction, but a scenario based on many assumptions. Ninety percent of the adult population in this model is fully vaccinated, but vaccines are not 100% effective. The models do not take into account whether the government is introducing new epidemic control measures.

At the time of the imaginary infection at the beginning of the year, the computer model of FHI estimated that between 1,000 and 1,500 people were hospitalized, and between 2 and 300 in the intensive care unit.

FHI Modeling Report

According to a recent modeling report by the FHI, 1,000 to 1,500 hospitalizations at a time and 2 to 300 respiratory patients at a time are the result of a winter without infection control measures.

Photo: National Institute of Public Health / Facebook

– Already outdated model

A report released last Friday by NIPH Director Camila Stoltenberg to the NRK, describing the scenario, is not a forecast for the coming months. In addition, according to Stoltenberg, the FHI already released samples of samples released on Friday:

– We are concerned about the uncertainty involved and used it as a tool to think about the possible consequences. There are more than that described in that report. The point is, many of the victims and many others hospitalized scenes are described here, but there are many conditions that we do not believe will happen there, Stoltenberg says.

– The point for us is to be prepared for things that are not possible and to think about what we need to follow to get there as soon as possible, he says.

– Thinking election campaign

It is not possible for the government to allow the tide of this autumn epidemic to be so high that it threatens planned hospital treatment, so Tope believes new infection control measures may be needed soon.

This means that in order to gain the ability to care for multiple patients, other patients do not receive treatment. This can have serious consequences, Tappe says.

– Here they are thinking about the election campaign. This may be a problem for the new government because new measures will soon become apparent.

Curved Hi

Health Minister Bent Hay believes we can get through the winter without infection control measures, but we are dependent on the lack of new virus mutations.

Photo: Håkon Eliassen / NRK

– She does not see the government having to deal with an epidemic

Health Minister Bent Hay used the models to think ahead, but insisted that they did not represent a decision in any way.

He responds to a review of Sps Kjersti Toppe by:

– I could not realize that Kjesti Toppe, who entered the election campaign fog, really had to deal with an epidemic and could not communicate about epidemic management even though it was an election campaign. Election campaign, says Hi.

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