Space for everyone, find the individual

Space for everyone, find the individual

Discussion: At the County Council this week, elected officials considered this year’s quality report for upper secondary education in Rogaland. It shows that over nine years we have increased implementation by 9 percentage points – from 74.6 to 83.6 percent.

  • Elif F. Jansen

    District Director of Education

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This means that 540 of the 6,000 young people who left high school this spring would not have succeeded if they had started nine years ago. This is of course important for the individual and not least for society. We need everyone! This satisfactory development is the result of the continuous efforts of all our training and corporate employees, elected representatives and union representatives.

Strengthen support systems

Achievement reform gives us a clear mission to increase implementation. We know that many of the students we will now be helping to complete will need a great deal of support and facilitation. We must therefore continue to develop and strengthen the support systems around all teachers that keep them safe in the classroom. As part of this, we will equip teachers to be able to quickly identify pupils who need additional support. In this way, we can meet the Education Act requirement that training be adapted to the requirements of each individual student.

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Teachers in Rogaland County Municipality have independence, methodological responsibility and professional judgment in the assessment of pupils. The teachers do a great job and put in a lot of effort every day. However, there was a demand for greater efficiency in how all students were integrated.

In line with the recommendation of the Ministry of Education, Rogaland District Council has chosen to further develop and strengthen support systems in all schools. Therefore, we have concluded an agreement with Høgskolen Innlandet at the Center for Practice-Oriented Educational Research (SePU), where, in cooperation with us, they will implement efficiency-raising measures in schools.

The teachers do a great job and put in a lot of effort every day. However, there was a demand for greater efficiency in how all students were integrated.

In schools, management groups, together with site consortium and PPT representatives, have been developing skills related to the inclusion project for more than a year. Among other things, together they assessed how their school could best build the ‘team’ around teachers and pupils, as well as identifying the need for support. Are there, for example, areas that lack systematic procedures for assessing pupils’ learning environment and learning outcomes?

Skills development is important

It is the school assessment that forms the basis on which the tools will be used. The important thing is for someone in the professional community to find out what provides the best integration and daily school life for the school’s pupils. In this work, enhancing efficiency will be an important contribution to the ability to make good evaluations of the measures being implemented.

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The aim is that professional and competence building should increase the quality of the school’s work in embedding and adapting training.

I would like to thank the shop supervisors of Rogaland District Municipality for their important contribution to the inclusion discussion. We always want to reach good solutions with union representatives. During a strike, cooperation is naturally weakened. The 2022 strike lasted several months. During this period there was no contact between the two parties. As the inclusion project began, it was natural to gain experience that would help teachers integrate more pupils into regular teaching. Other municipalities that have already used Inlandet University College’s expertise in the Center for Practice-Oriented Educational Research (SePU) can show good results. This was the reason why we partnered with them. When the county council concludes agreements with different jurisdictions regarding further and continuing education, we assume that their offer is appropriate. We do not have a detailed view of all parts of the content. Research environments are what ensure the quality of research.

Evaluate critical questions

The important thing is for the professional community to find what provides the best integration and daily school life for pupils. We value teachers who ask critical questions. If they and their colleagues find other ways to include all students, this is welcome.

There are many tools for analyzing and developing support systems that schools can use. The module was criticized by some teachers on Aftenbladet on December 12, I can see that it can be tried as a tool, but it is also possible that some will find it useful and applicable.

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It is important to me that skills are strengthened and developed in our company
Schools rely on evidence and the professional judgments of teachers. I am confident that this will be essential to achieving the goal of increased implementation and the best possible education for all our students.


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