Gralum, Christmas Ball 2023 | Big crowd at birthday party – check who was at the party

Gralum, Christmas Ball 2023 |  Big crowd at birthday party – check who was at the party

Tini Eliasen is fond of singing and dancing. During this year’s Christmas party at the Quality Hotel, she shone like the sun.

This year’s event is the 34th in a row. The Christmas Ball attracts people from all over Östfold.

Therese Strand started the evening with dancing. Here she took a well-deserved rest, standing with her gorgeous smile in honor of the photographer.

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Tore Christiansen is quite possibly one of the best Elvis impersonators in town. Thursday evening he was working with the “Spelope Gang.”
Photo: Odd Arne Rudd

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Laila Erin Moen is very happy with this arrangement. “I think it’s very wonderful that people who need help have this opportunity,” she says.

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Ambassador Christiansen expressed his great appreciation for Nissen’s visit. At first he was quite sure that it was Kai Robert Johansen who had dressed for the occasion. After closer inspection, he quickly realized that this was not the case.
Photo: Odd Arne Rudd


Heidi Currie was looking forward to singing with the “Speelup Gang.” She is an experienced singer who has been delighting her fans for a number of years.
Photo: Odd Arne Rudd


Kjell Tore Haslien discovered the finstas. For this occasion, a gold suit was used.
Photo: Odd Arne Rudd

Camilla Hansen has a smile that makes most people melt. Here she is swinging on the dance floor and seems to be enjoying her time among good friends.

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Kai Robert Johansen is happy to let the audience try out the microphone. Here’s Marianne Obsund joining in for the all-encompassing sing-along.

Apparently Kai Robert Johansen had the trumpet with him during the Christmas party.

The annual event for people in need can be implemented with financial support from the Lions Clubs and with the help of the Sarpsborg Volunteer Center.

Renate Iversen and Vesselmoy Lede rarely say no to a party. They have both participated in the famous Christmas Ball for many years.

To lighten the mood, this year’s Christmas party started with bolognese. A great success for both participants and audience.

Awa Bøe Eriksen is present at the first Christmas event of the year. Here he sings along with the classic song “En slant til trikken hjem”