Anders Danielsen, the worst man in the world, lied

Anders Danielsen, the worst man in the world, lied

Los Angeles (Netavizen): In the City of Stars, Rinat Rensev and Anders Danielsen Lee were among those who shine most clearly, the duet with the main roles in the Oscar-nominated Joachim Trier film The Worst Man in the World.

On Sunday, they can take home two awards during the esteemed Academy Awards from Los Angeles’ Dolby Theater.

Already Reinsve become historical As the first Norwegian to win the Best Female Role award at the Cannes Film Festival.

The online newspaper meets the actors in the luxurious villa Stanley House, where they illustratively put it at their feet with a panoramic view of the city. Here where, except for the occasional helicopter circling above, only the rustle of palm trees in the warm breeze.

The calm is very different from the Reinsve and Danielsen Lie he’s used to on both sides of the pond in the run-up to the awards ceremony:

They mingled with major industry figures, shook hands with fellow stars, followed by the international press and were stopped by fans wanting to talk about how they relate to Axel and Julie’s characters.

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can be angry

For Danielson Lee, it is difficult to choose one of the characters in his life to match him.

I’ve had a lot of learning about the problem of Julie’s identity and the confused quest to find out who you are, and I know myself well at that.

He continues about his character Axel:

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A bit emotional, sad over time and a little sad, the love of the physical form we talk about in the movie, I also feel a lot about, says Danielson Lay.

The actor also reveals that the character of Axel in a certain scene had the same effect as the stone in the shoe.

– I think it’s a little annoying in a relationship when they end it. Then you often say things you don’t mean and other things, but I actually think he means it. I think he thinks he’s better than her at telling her what she thinks and feels, and that’s a lot like… and then she exerts power over someone else in a close relationship that isn’t exactly good.

However, he takes character in defense:

– That’s a bit of what the movie is about, too. We all have a little self-escape from time to time, we don’t always like all aspects of ourselves, but it’s about trying to learn to live with and accept it.

to retreat

Another type of escape is that of Anders Danielsen Lie after filming the final scene in the critically acclaimed film. He then returned to the profession as a general practitioner in the office of Physician Fresja in Oslo.

– It was a little tasty, admits and addresses co-actress Rinat Rensev:

– You’ve been in the spotlight the whole time and it’s so demanding, then you have to come forward. It is simply a job. I had the honor of retiring and being a doctor. It’s a bit nice when you don’t always have such a large social surplus.

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It will turn into a complete reversal of a different and hectic daily life, where the Corona pandemic was at its worst.

Got hero status in American media

The “escape” also aroused the interest of American journalists and the famous magazine Vanity Fair Danielson gave Lee the title of “Covid-19 Doctor and Champion”.

“It’s a bit like when you shoot a movie in the US, you have to have a story at the launch,” he explains.

– Last year’s work day was very different from what I’m doing now. I’ve been working full time as a doctor since we finished this recording, so I just told you what I’m doing. And it seems incredibly strange and bizarre. So it became a story, and it somehow spread.

He himself laughs a little when praised in grandiose American style as a hero.

– You didn’t get a quotation either, but it became the same, I must stand it, says a twinkle in his eye, before he finds seriousness again.

To be able to give the attention it deserves to the important work done by health professionals during the pandemic has been an extra good tune on the mid-Hollywood Symphony.

– I’m trying to hit the borough chiefs, the mayors, the infection team, everyone who put in so much effort at the time, and I really mean it. He points out that there are many front lines in the pandemic, including those who have dealt with this in everyday and administrative life.

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– People started running after us in the street, throwing themselves around our necks

Come back after the Oscars lights out

With the 94th Academy Award now a thing of the past and the red carpet vacuumed and packed ready for 2023, the Norwegian actor will replace his tuxedo with a doctor’s coat.

However, it is not a farewell to an acting career.

– I still work as a general practitioner in the area, so that’s what I’m really doing now. I haven’t filmed since we made this movie, but who knows, maybe I’ll have to go out on the steep beaches again soon. We’ll see, concludes.

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