Tuna Demli reveals the details of the wedding:

Tuna Demli reveals the details of the wedding:

During a holiday in London in November, Markus Vos (41) got down on one knee and proposed to Ton Damle (36). The answer, of course, was “yes.”

Damle first shared the happy news in an Instagram video at the time.

“Of course I said yes!! I'm floating!” She commented on the proposal video.

When Se og Hør meets Damli in Bjørvika during the launch of her new jewelry collection, the undersigned will of course have to hear about how she plans her next wedding.

Engaged: Markus Voss and Ton Damle have been lovers for over ten years. Photo: Andreas Vadum/Si og Hour
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Little by little, the 35-year-old smiles and continues:

-I don't like planning very much. I like this one better (referring to the launch party, journ. note) – Reaching for the tablecloth and setting the table, where someone has organized the party. I'm not very good at this kind of thing, but Marcus handles events, so things should go well.

In November, Markus Vos proposed to Ton Damle. Now the couple will have chosen their suitors. Video: Watch and listen, Instagram/@iamtonedamli, Tiktok/@podimo_no.
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Moreover, she could tell that there would be a big wedding.

– So it will be. It's about that day, when all the people we love and love and want to be there. A wedding is not a place where we save money. Then of course there has to be a lot of music and dancing at the table, jokes Damle.

About the proposal: - No, no, no

Regarding the proposal: – No, no, no

Can stay outside

In addition to a proper “housewife vacation” in Greece alone, she and her fiancé will be taking their two children, Billy, 10, and Marlon, 3, on a two-week vacation trip to Italy.

She revealed that it might happen soon that the couple will see if they can find a venue for the wedding as well.

-We'll travel around Italy a bit, and maybe see if we see a destination wedding. Because we are looking hard. This is the main plan for this summer. Other than that, we'll also travel a bit from cabin to cabin, visiting friends and using our own – because that's cool, she smiles.

-So your dream wedding abroad?

– not necessarily. I think I kind of want to go away somewhere, feel that weekend and get everyone in one place. But it's easier to get here in Oslo. But we went to Sweden and saw a little bit, and then we'll see a little bit in Italy. But it may soon happen that we end up in Oslo.

Response after the police incident

Response after the police incident

-So the barn in Sogndal is not relevant?, joked the undersigned.

– Well, there really aren't any nicer scenarios than that. But it's also far from that, and then we might as well go to Italy. But no, I didn't rule out Sogndal either, she laughs.

– I'm very sensitive

Although the “Butterflies” singer is very much looking forward to being forged in hymen chains, there are also things she's excited about the wedding. That is, to go up to the altar.

Tun Damle showed off the ring after learning of her engagement. Video: Ken Falch, Thea Hope/Red Runner.
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-I'm actually a little afraid of it, because I'll start crying. Because I'm very sensitive. Going up to the altar over there with Dad… No, it's going to be hard.

-But how would you feel if you were engaged?

– It's a great feeling, and a little bit like, “Oh my God! We're going to plan this wedding too,” and time is going so fast, so we have to speed things up a little bit. But it would be so nice to get married.

- Pegs in the ovaries

– Pegs in the ovaries

I designed the ring myself

Earlier, Fiancé Vos revealed that he helped design the engagement ring that Damle now wears on her finger, and that in the lead-up to the proposal he was nervous and unsure whether he would be ready in time for the London trip.

Voss also became nervous about the possibility of their flirtation being revealed by Gardermoen's security guards.

free: Tone Damli shared a video on Instagram where you can see her boyfriend Marcus Vos on his knees. Video: Instagram @iamtonedamli
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-I've thought about it for a long time. It would have been very bad if the security guard had pulled that ring out of the bag while I was by my side. Then I got down on my knees during a security check, he said on an episode of “Robery with Tone,” shortly after they got engaged.

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